200% Detailed: What is an Egyptian mau cat?

What is an Egyptian mau cat?

Have you ever seen real Egyptian mau cat?

Our minds full with a lot of existential questions like what is an Egyptian mau cat.

As humans we all had these kinds of questions about other living creatures, and animals,

What is an Egyptian mau cat

Between all these creatures, the ones that can keep as pets are the most important,

Between cats the Egyptian mau cats can be on the head of most people interests,


As these cats had historical pathway through ages, which give asking about what is an Egyptian mau cat”, big meaning.

Egyptian cats

Leafing through ancient Egyptian great history will introduce you the most legendary cat breed.

Your mind will keep looking for what is an Egyptian mau cat?

As anyone hear about the history of these cats wonder about them, and even dream.

The word mau comes from the ancient Egyptian language which means cat.

There were great beliefs about the mau cats in old Egypt, as they were the goddess of Egyptians,

The Egyptian mau cats have got the honor and glory;

they were covered with jewelry and dressed like kings,

They were in the top of hierarchy of the society appreciation as one of holy gods.

The mu cats were the luck and fertility source in ancient Egyptian society.

It was believed that these cats are the gods’ representatives in the land.

So wondering about what is an Egyptian mau cat?, is so logical as 95% of us want to meet these historical cats.

The Egyptian mau cats were the center of great civilization and the still surviving as an idol history witness.

The mau cats are surviving cat breed moved from their origin home around the world,

These cats stay until recent days one of the most impressive cats not only for their history but for their wonderful personality.

So today we are going to take you in a tour will answer all your mind questions about the mau cats.

They are play and joy lover cats, so be sure that the mau cats will enlighten your day.

They will be your play time partners, and your kids’ best friends.

What is an Egyptian mau cat colors

One look from your eye corner to the attractive Egyptian mau cats can make you spins your head 360 degree,

That because of colors minds’ attraction, the mau cats’ colored spotty coats!!

The mau can be the only nature spotted cats you can face in your life,

What is an Egyptian mau cat

As their coats’ colors come from inside skin body due to special genes can’t be found on other cat breeds.

If you are keep wondering about what is an Egyptian mau cat?,

Definitely you are thinking too much because of that colors attraction,

Overall there are several colors for the Egyptian mau cats,

On top of these colors smoke, bronze, blue and silver,

but the trick in the color degrees!!

Exactly the idea on the interference of colors’ degrees with the spots mix,

There is big scale of mau cats’ mixed colors like pale silver. Smoke in dark spots, and smoky blue,

With this wow colors’ combination, comes the unbelievable patterns!

Patterns can look different in every single mau cat!!

Go anywhere in the world, you can’t find two same maus’ pattern.

It is impossible for anyone to come across his mau with any other person in the world,

The mau cats’ eyes are another shinny colored story!!

As their eyes are colored with gooseberry light green,

The shiny light eyes’ color can shock you even in the dark.

What is an Egyptian mau cat

Not only these charming colors are the attraction reason, there are the smoothly touch!!

The silky coat touch attracts you to caresses that hair all the day.

What is an Egyptian mau cat size?

Small or big, tall, or short, fat, or thin, may be these are the main words come to your head if you want to get a cat,

Many people put in their minds specific standards for the pets they keep,

And the majority of them prefer medium size animals in order to fit their homes, and hands.

For that the Egyptian mau cats are the best special pet anyone could ever had,

They are cute with moderate size of body that makes her the best choice as a pet,

You don’t need to think a lot about what is an Egyptian mau cat to imagine its shape!!

All you need to do is to keep reading these words, and follow us.

What is an Egyptian mau cat

According to average studies the mau cats’ length is about 7 to 11 inches.

Further the adults mau weigh in between 6 -14 pounds in their perfect cases,

If you were high observant, you will notice easily how mau males are bigger than females,

The difference in weight is not to large it may exceed about just two pounds,

Therefore the Egyptian mau cats known as fast growing cats!!

As the mau kittens born with 3.5 ounces weight, and reach to 1 – 2 pounds in just two months,

Then the mau kittens get about 0.2 ounces every week in their growth process until reaching their average size,

The mau cats’ growth process starts fast then become more stable after the first year.

While growing the length process is the same as weight process,

So you will find the mau cats’ males are taller than females.

These obvious size characteristic can help you in distinguishing between males and females.

What is an Egyptian mau cat price?

Assessing all the Egyptian mau cat traits helps you in determining the right price scale for these cats,

As these incredible characteristics affect the mau cats’ offered price,

So to be fair enough you had to know that the mau cats are one of most elite cat breeds,

What is an Egyptian mau cat

Because of that it can be one of most expensive cats!!

As the offered price level for mau cats is about $800-$1,200.

And that price determined due to a lot of different conditions like the coat color,

Also the pattern shape, health, cat breeding, and even age.

So before asking what is an Egyptian mau cat price, put these elements in your consideration.

The available mau ctas’ prices may be high for most people what makes them look for adoption!!

Ya as adoption can be in less prices and it is better according to society principles.

As adoption is one of most valuable civic value with which you are playing your positive role in society,

Think how great is it when you are saving homeless mau cats.

Beside that you will save your money, so it is profitable equation,

As you can pay only $75-$150 for Egyptian mau cat’s adoption,

So put it in your top plans to serve your society, and save your money,

Add to that you had to find a trusted breeder with good reputation.

Finding good breeder has an extra importance, as it is the gate to your perfect mau cat,

This gate can be opened through different available shelters, and mau cats’ organizations.

Via these simple points we had offered you some of mysterious parts about the mau cats

Hoping we were able to cover your entire mind questions,

and if something were missed, tell us with comment.

Also Egy mau team are eager to share us your experience with Egyptian mau cats.

Talkative Egyptian Mau Cat Meow

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