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The Egypt mau cat can be one of most impressive cats you had to get, as it is one of most amazing pets to the extent that it can be your athletic pet, and you will enjoy your time with its company, also it is very comfortable cat, and didn’t need extra effort for care.
It may be the first time you hear about the Egypt mau cat, although it might be the oldest cat breed on the earth, in fact the word Mau comes from an old Egyptian word which means cat.

The Egypt mau cat is one of most loyal animals, it is sensitive, and friendly cats prefer to live in warm areas, also it has warm musical sound that can control its tone according to its mood.

The Egypt mau cat can be one of the fastest cats, it can run with speed more than 30 miles for hour, also it can jump in the air from any point with six feet high, which is so amazing.

For sure with 100% that the Egypt mau cat is the only natural spotted cat breed in the world, as it has unique natural prints, these spots can be found randomly in an amazing shape.

Egypt Mau cat size

The Egyptian Mau cat males are light larger than females, and it has a very strong medium size body full of muscles which gives it high flexibility in moving.

The Egypt mau cat average weight can be in between 0 to 14 pounds for males, and in between 6 to 10 pounds for females.
The length of that slim Egyptian mau cat can be more than 24 inches, also the back legs of these cats are longer than front legs which give a sense of extra length for its body, and its feet are small and soft obviously, also you can feel form first look as if it can stand on its legs’ toes, although these cats consider one of short cats breeds.

Those back long legs can be one of most important reasons for the famous speed fame of the Egypt mau cat, as these cats can be the fastest between all pet cats, also the flexible coat that covers the body of the Egypt mau cat in an amazing soft appearance helps in its easy, and fast way of movement as it can go fast for long distances with speed can be extra than 48 km/h.

As we mention earlier the body of the Egyptian mau cat has a body full of muscles with smooth head looks like triangle shape, and the front area of the head takes the M shape.

The eyes of the Egypt mau cat is little wide, and takes a shape of apparent almond with clear attractive green color, also its cheeks looks awesome because of attractive lines of mascara .

The ears of the Egypt mau cat are quite large on the top front of the head, and the body ends with long slim tail.

Also the body of the Egyptian mau cat covered with light and smooth thin coat, and that coat has several spots all over the body from head to tail with different size for each member, these spots give the mau its unique appearance.

Egypt mau cat colors

As we talked earlier in the last words of the description for the body of the Egypt mau cat, and the spotted coat that covers it, we had to talk about the high amount of color variety for that coat as you can find about six different colors with different spots colors for the Egypt mau cat coat like blue, black, silver, caramel, bronze, and smoke.

These several colors can come in clear obvious appearance like solid black or solid blue, and also you can find whole breed with specific color with specific spots like blue silver, blue smoke, or black with spots, or blue with spots, and you can find pale silver color in coat.

Beside all these colors variety the spots are so unique in the Egypt mau cat, as you can find a different spots shape in every breed and even differences in spots from member to member.

The black coat color may be rare to find, although it can be one of the Egypt mau cat members while mating in some few case.

Egypt mau cat colors
The differences in colors can’t be just in the fur coat, as the eyes’ color differs sometimes but in the scale of green degrees.

Ancient Egyptian cat breeds

The Egypt mau cat can be one of oldest animals that humans had kept as pets; it can be from 10000 years ago!! Yes you are reading the right number!! It’s from the old ancient Egyptian pharaohs!!

The ancient Egyptian didn’t keep cats as just pets, but they put it in prominent and special status to the extent it becomes a god in some period of times, they pray for cats, and offer it different oblations.

That importance of cats makes people look for its different types, and breeds, and try to save it as much as they can all over years, what makes you find a lot of breeds types today but we are going to talk about some of the oldest surviving breeds from the Ancient Egyptian cat.

• The Abyssinian:The Abyssinian considers one of Egypt mau cat breeds according to scientists’ DNA researches, beside appearance similarities, although there are other opinions think it belong to the east south of Asia.

These Abyssinians are so intelligent cats, cute and human lovers also it has fit, and perfect body makes its movement so perfect in an impressive way in jumping, or climbing.

Its weight can be in between 6 – 10 pounds; also it can be found in several colors like ruddy, or mix between grey, and blue.

• The Egyptian Mau:

It can be one of most unique spotted breeds of the Egypt mau cat, that breed had two sub- Maus: the show, and the original Mau.

These Egyptian Mau breed can be found in several colors like cream, red, and blue with different spots, and its eyes are clear green.

It has an amazing active fit body, as its speed can be more than 30 miles for hour, and its weight can be in between 8 – 12 pounds.

• Nile Valley Egyptian Cat:

It may be considered one of the oldest Egyptian Mau cats, if it wasn’t the oldest in fact, and it can be one of most cruel cats in Egypt.

It can be found in different colors like blue, black, grey, gold, red and white with huge amount of spots mix, and can be in solid colors.

Nile Valley Egyptian Cat can have different coat length, and it is one of most active cats as it can do different acrobatic moves like jumping, and spinning.

Ancient Egyptian cat breeds

Egyptian Mau Origins

Until this moment no one on the world knows exactly the right origins of the Egypt mau cat, although from 1550 BC there are a lot of photos, ancient words, and paintings for Egyptian Mau shows how pharaohs appreciate these cats, pray for it, and worship it for long times, as the Egypt mau cat considered one of most important gods like the God of the Sun which was shown on paintings as an Egyptian Mau Tabby cat with spots .

So in order to follow the origins history of the Egypt mau cat, you had to return back through thousands of years, and study carefully the ancient Egyptians’ art, and for that we are going to help you today in that by illustrating some points that may help you find out all you need to know, so keep your eyes with us.

The first genus that appears near the Nile was Felis which know in Latin as Felis sylvestris catus, that cat genus domesticated by ancient Egyptians easily, at first they depend on the cats for hunting, and getting rid of insects, and then they lived side by side for long time.

All these study proves with clear evidences that the mau was a clean Egyptian breed until the Second World War exactly at the year of 1953 when a Russian princess called Natalie Troubetskoy get a new cat in Italy which spotted Egyptian Tabby cat, then this cat was married with a tabby male from Egypt and get little Egypt mau cat, then Natalie Troubetskoy moved to north America with its Egypt mau cat, and its young kitten where the breeds was mixed, and improved in to modern mau.

The new born kitten at USA were a new breed belong to the ancient Egypt mau cat, and that was clearly noticed at the year 1958, and also it was figured out in Europe at the year 1992.

Egyptian Mau cat price

The Egypt mau cat can be considered one of relative rare cat breeds as there are less than 200 kittens around the world according to Governing Council of the Cat Fancy yearly registrations.

Egyptian Mau Price Cost Range If you were thinking about getting cat as a pet, The Egypt mau cat is the perfect choice for your kids, as it is smart, and active cat can make your time wonderful, as your kids can play with it safely, and it can make friendship with your dog easily, and any other pets.

Also the Egypt mau cat can be the most comfortable animal you can keep as a pet, it can adapt fast, and easily, it can make its own comfort zone anywhere, even if you didn’t make a suitable home, it can jump, and climb, and do amazing acrobatic activities, and although the Egypt mau cat can be tough sometimes it can be peaceful most of time and you can brush its hair, and hug.

After taking the decision, comes the step of buying the Egypt mau cat, and absolutely you are wondering now about its price!!
The Egypt mau cat can be considered one of top 10 most expensive cats on the world as the average price for both males and females of the Egypt mau cat is in between $900 to $2500 according to the color variety, as the color differences has high effect on price for example kittens with bronze, or silver spots can be with $1,000 and $1200.

Another reason for the wide fame of the Egypt mau cat is the appearance at cat woman movie which bring back the lights to the Egypt mau cat, and its mysterious background, which have a lot of secrets need to be discovered.

Egyptian Mau cat price

Egyptian Mau kittens for sale

Again here we are confirming on what we said earlier that the Egypt mau cat can be the best choice for you as a pet because of many reasons explained above, and here we are going to give you precious advice to get anew born kitten in order to be able to train her and grow it up with your habits, and it will become your road friend.

You can get Egyptian Mau kittens from several places like shelter or rescue groups, or even online as there are many trusted sites offer good Egyptian Mau kittens breeds, also you can use social media to look for trusted groups, and that allows you chose easily what suits you most.

The newspaper may help you also get your own Egypt mau cat as sometimes there are a lot of ads for adapting.

Getting your own Egypt Mau cat may be the best choice you are going to take, it seems as if you are going to bring a new member to your family, and if it was a kitten it will be as your baby for sure.

So you had to prepare yourself and definitely your home before getting the new kitten, prepare the place for the Egypt Mau cat, and try to make the home quite at first days in order not to be afraid, also contact a vet, and bring suitable food.

As there are a lot of fun and happiness with getting a kitten also there are a big responsibility you had to be ready for.
The average living age for the Egypt Mau cat is in between 12 to 15 years.

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