Egyptian mau cat health problems

The Most Serious Egyptian Mau Cat Health Problems

Egyptian mau cat health problems

The first thing comes to anyone thinking about getting a pet is its health state, and the Egyptian mau is an ordinary animal regardless its historical value just like other cat breeds face several health issues, and unfortunately the Egyptian mau cat health problems is not so popular as the cat itself, so it’s time to put Egyptian mau cat health problems under spot for discussion.
The Egyptian cats or as known worldwide the Egyptian mau cats are one of most iconic animals according to its historical value as it was number one of cats that have been domesticated by humans since hundreds of years.
Since its first appearance the Egyptian mau cat was so friendly, and active cat, it can take your eyes all the time with its amazing jumping playing, and running, also it can rum with an amazing speed no one could imagine.

The outstanding appearance of the mau cats shows that it has physically perfect body shape which may indicate that it is impossible for the Egyptian mau cat health problems to be found, which is completely wrong.
So the moment you have made your decision about getting an Egyptian mau cat, you had to do your own researches, and ask specialists about all probable EGYPTIAN MAU CAT HEALTH PROBLEMS that may face you any day.
Also by getting right information about mau cats’ health care, you will be able to take care of your mau cat on the right way which leads to save your mau’s health.
From the quote of knowing is owning, we made you our article today in order to help you in all Egyptian mau cat health problems, to be able to deal with it in the right way, and make your health care program able to prevent any infection, or risky diseases.
A lot of Egyptian mau cat health problems and diseases have strong connection with genes, which means that they may be relative to this breed only, what makes following these diseases easier.
Being an old cat breed with high popularity attracts high attention from doctors, and scientists to study the Egyptian mau cat health problems that have gene connection in order to protect those iconic cats, and that helps in saving more mau cats’ life.
Also that doesn’t means that the maus face just genetic cases, but these diseases are the most common between mau cats, and we hope we could give you a conclusion for it in order to keep your mau cat in good health all the time.
Fatness can be one of most common Egyptian mau cat health problems, and it can be considered one of most easy topics for most cat owners although it is not, as it can be the key for extra hard health problems.

Egyptian mau cat health problems
The extra weight can’t be an ordinary case, as it can lead to serious diseases like diabetes, hepatic lipidosis, arthritis or other urgent diseases that can cause danger on the mau cat’s life.
Diabetes and arthritis are from serious disease that can affect directly on the cats life, and can be serious Egyptian mau cat health problems, which means that fatness can be main reason for cat’s death, seriously the extra weight can decrease the mau cats by two years.
The liver problems can be also another extra weight vital disease, and can be from diseases that cause instant worry as it can cause fast symptoms within two days, and it affected the cat’s life directly, and seriously.
Here the right step is to control your cat’s food to put limits on the Egyptian mau cat health problems resulting from fatness, but you had to know that we didn’t mean making your cat starving, as all you need to do is knowing the best diet program for your egypt mau cat, and the best food for it, the better food the mau cat get, the better health it would be, and by this way you can avoid any diseases resulting from extra weight.

Egyptian mau cat health problems
The average meals number the mau need every day is about 10-15 meals, by knowing the perfect average amount of food for every day, you will be able to control the idle weight of your mau, which save your mau in a good health, and avoid any Egyptian mau cat health problems related to extra weight.
Kidney diseases can be another critical Egyptian mau cat health problems that can lead to early death unfortunately, as it affects directly on the kidneys performance on blood cleaning, and getting rid of poisons liquid in the body, also that disease can be found with high percentage in old mau cats, but according to genes it can be found on young mau cats.
The perfect therapy way for kidney diseases is by early detection to find the suitable cure.
The mau cat’s teeth also needs care as it can cause serious infections affect the cat’s life, and can be one of most important Egyptian mau cat health problems, so as a cat owner you had to brush your cat’s teeth in a regular way day by day to avoid any teeth decay, and to remove any remaining food between teeth.

Egyptian mau cat health problems
By cleaning your mau cat’s teeth you can avoid any teeth diseases which may lead to complete teeth loss, that can affect the mau’s life unfortunately, so take the first step, and take the responsibility.
Insects, and worms can be one of main reasons for serious
Egyptian mau cat health problems, as these tiny insects can infect the mau cat’s body, and cause high pain, and even leads to death.
So you had to be sure that your cat living in clean environment without any possible insects, worms, fleas, heartworms ear mites, or roundworms that can be real danger on the mau cat’s life, as it can attack the cat’s body, ears, eyes and cause hard infections.
Heart Diseases can be one of top serious Egyptian mau cat health problems, as any damage on the heart muscles can end the cat’s life at the moment which makes it urgent disease, also it can be inherited, or sudden heart damage.
The most important tip for heart disease is the early detection that can be obvious via cat’s breath, laziness, and small meals, which helps in finding the right cure on the suitable time to rescue the mau.
The ability of early detection for Egyptian mau cat health problems helps in saving your mau cat’s life, and we hope we offer you a little bit of help on that concern by pointing on some important tips you need to know, and if there is unclear points, contact egy mau team via comments with your questions..

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