egyptian mau cat colors

The Most Attractive Egyptian Mau Cat Colors

Egyptian mau cat colors

Without any doubts the Egyptian mau cat is the first, and only cat breed with born spots, that natural spots is the secret behind the attractive Egyptian mau cat colors.

Through the years no one of humans got the courage to interfere and affect the color mix of the mau, as it was, and still the purest colorful cats with lovely patterns which gives the inspiration to all artists around the world.

Naturally designed Egyptian mau cat colors prints can catch your eyes all the day, and the mau cat activities can catch your heart and attention.

The mau cats can be the most active cats full with energy, it can play, run, and jump all the day with great power, also it can be considered from top loyal animals in the world.


The mau cats are attention lover cats, they keep jumping, and running until they got your attention, and start playing with them, as they want to be the important element on any family.

Beside the attractive Egyptian mau cat colors, the mau cats have strong ability of seeing, listening, and smelling sense.
The body of the mau cats is slim, and fit with high percent of muscles helps in the flexible cat moves, that flexibility in body makes the mau one of the fastest cats.

Egyptian mau cat colors
The whole body seems to be medium, but the legs ar long especially the back legs are longer with small feet end with slight rounded baorders.

The body of the Egyptian mau cats covered totally with medium length hair spotted coat, which offers the variation of the Egyptian mau cat colors.

That spotted coat color variations comes with unique attractive patterns, and when we say unique here we really mean it! As you can’t find on this breed two similar cats, as each cat had its own pattern with unique background, and color mix.

The amazing different Egyptian mau cat colors comes in wide variance in patterns with various backgrounds, and spots mix making the mau cat body as iconic tableau.

Beside the stunning colors, the Egyptian mau cats’ coat has an impressive smooth touch like silk makes you want to touch its body all the time.

Genes plays an important role in determining the mau cats’ coat color, as there are two genes interfere in determining the color beside other characteristics, these genes come from mother, and father by equal percentage 50%.

The two genes are the responsible for the final coat color, as if the tow genes were in blue, or black, the coat color will be black, or blue.

Egyptian mau cat colors
But if there were differences in colors between the two genes, the stronger gene will dominate, and control the Egyptian mau cat colors appearance, and here in this case you can figure out the most controlling colors.

There are different Egyptian mau cat colors you can notice by first sight like silver, smoke, bronze, black, and blue. Also the texture of the coat didn’t have any relation with the color; it is extra smooth with all color variation.

Silver cats are the most common mau cats, with attractive shadow can make your eyes staring at the cat all the time, its attractive with all degrees with all shadows, and patterns.

The distribution of the silver color on the mau cat’s body can be in different shapes as light shadow in the background with definite dark spots, or bright spots on the stomach.

The second more available Egyptian mau cat colors is the bronze, and that is an attractive and warm color with attractive distribution from the head, shoulders, and tail.

Also you can find dark spots in the back at the bronze mix, and there can be little sandy color, or pale ivory.

Some people see the bronze degrees as brown color, especially if there were some brown spots even it was light brown.

Smoke mau cats are on the list of attractive mau cats, as the dark mau cats have a wonderful light silver shadows.

The dark smoky coat color with ink spots and little dark mix that comes slowly from the background can be attractive in an amazing way.
Those smoky dark patterns can be found only on the breed of the mau cats, and it can be the rarest available Egyptian mau cat colors
The mix of smoke and black can be one of fantastic color mix especially with pale silver background, as it can be considered new different color for the mau cats’ coat, also some people think that color mix a black coat color because of the under pale silver with the dark spots.

The above mentioned EGYPTIAN MAU CAT COLORS can be the most traditional noticed color variation, but that doesn’t mean that they are the only available, as there are other color combinations stand outside the normal known mix like some of bellow colors:

The strangest color for most people is the black coat color and that because of hidden spots, that can’t be noticed easily.
The blue coat color may be seems as black because of its dark degree.

You can find creamy coat color, or pale reddish, or even little golden coat color.
That wide variation of the Egyptian mau cat colors didn’t mean that it can be found in all available colors as there are impossible colors, by meaning it can’t be found in coat colors for example orange, white, or dark brown can’t be found in Egyptian mau.

Egyptian mau cat colors
Beside these attractive Egyptian mau cat colors, it has brilliant unbelievable green eye colors that add another beauty to the whole look of the mau cats.

With our colorful words today we offered you the whole possible and available Egyptian mau cat colors, that will be your illustrated guide while choosing your own egypt mau cat.

So pick your favorite color, and tell us via comments, also keep contacting us by telling your mau cat color, and if there is any questions egy mau team here and ready to help you any time..

Egyptian Mau kitten talking

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