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The Great Mau Egypt God

mau egypt god: While staring at your Egyptian mau cat have you ever think about that cat’s history!! Or have you imagined that these slim body cats were treated as a god one day!! Also mau egypt god was worshipped, and appreciated by all of the Egyptians.
Cats are one of most glorified animals by ancient Egyptians and its importance remains for years, and the Mau egypt god takes a wide percentage of this appreciation.
The fact said that with all cat breeds differences the Egyptian mau cat can be the purest cat breed and the only cat belongs to ancient history, as it can be considered the oldest breed at all without any doubts.
Also the word mau is an ancient Egyptian word that means the cat and it pronounced in a way as the cat’s voice mew, also the name of this breed associated with its history, and brings to mind that deep connection.

The ancient Egyptians were the first humans who had domesticated the mau cats, as they depend on mau cats on their daily life.
And because of mau cat’s wonderful amazing personality, the ancient Egyptians fascinated with its power, and love it to the extent that it become one of their society members, and then its importance raised to the extent that nobody could imagine that time, and in sometimes they think it was more important than humans, and it has the power to rescue their life as a MAU EGYPT GOD, which is one if most important gods there.
They were farmers, and they face problems because of snakes, rats, and insects, they found out that the egypian maus are their friends that can help them in getting rid of those enemies, so they appreciate these cats, and their relationship Solidified, and the maus become a family member in the ancient egyptian society.

There are many paintings on temples, and wall papers show the mau cats catching birds with mouth, which indicates the importance of cat’s acts, and its affection on the real life.
The encient Egyptians with all their society levels farmers, kings, queens, and even pharaohs glorify, and honor the mau cats to the extent of worshiping.
The normal mau cats become Mau egypt god, and their state increased in society day by day, also that role become greater when its religion value increased by priests” appreciation, and it takes a vital role in the ancient Egyptians’ Beliefs, and culture.
The mau egypt god according to ancient Egyptians Beliefs had had great powers allows him to protect the life by protecting the life tree, which was the most blessing tree that save all the life secrets, with all daily life knowledge’s.
The mau was one of Ra god protectors, and it go for war with him, also it was mentioned many times in the dead Egyptians book as a life keeper, and protector.
Also for years there were ancient Egyptians cities established on worshipping Mau egypt god like Bastet.

Bastet as mau egypt god was a great god symbols for familiarity, birth of children, secrets of the women, fertility, and even the cat’s god.
The god Bastet protects the house, and save it from all possible dangers like evil, or diseases that may infect children or women.
Like all other ancient gods Bastet as mau egypt god has important role in the other life by helping dead people to path their way to the prosperity life, and save them in the other life.

Bastet was one Ra the god of sun daughters, it was known as the eye of the god Ra that can see everything, it was the god who can change destiny and anything, the mau egypt god Bastet was one of most beloved gods that can save families and their homes.
The mau egypt god Bastet takes a shape of a woman body with a head of mau cat.
Also every year there were a big celebration with what is called The mau egypt god Bastet festival that may remain for days to show their reverence and appreciate to the gods, and that celebration was held at Bubastis, it can be the most popular and crowded festival in ancient Egypt, all people attend for dancing, drinking, and listning to music especially women who stay for days celebrating.
Also endless numbers of temples were built all over Egypt for the god Bastet as mau egypt god for its honor, and there is big thoughts that the Bubastis was called on behalf of the god Bastet where it was worshipped.
The matter didn’t stop on appreciating maus, and making it as gods, but there were other beliefs before 1500 BC that the Ra god itself has the ability to show himself as a mau cat was named the great tomcat, and every day at knight Ra god on the great tomcat form go for trip to the underworld and fight his enemies like the snake Apophis, and all wall paintings shows how Ra god on his great tomcat kills the snake by the knife.
The rip of the Ra god to end his enemies is to grantee the next day sun rise and save the next life.

The glory of mau cats even at its death reflects its high position in society at this era, as the mau’s death was a big action at every ancient home, as they shave their eyebrows as a sign of sadness, that ad was as if a human dies.
Also anyone cause any harm, or kill a cat had to be punished, sometimes that punishment leads to its death.
When Egypt mau cat die their mummified bodies go to the capital Bubastis to be kept in holy temples, and tombs the same like mummified bodies of humans which is another sign for appreciation, and glory.
Also the ancient Egyptians make sure to deal with mummified mau cat’s dead bodies carefully, and put precious stones, and jewelry with food, and important statues for their mau egypt god next life.

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Bastet – Cat Goddess

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