Egyptian mau cat personality

The Great Egyptian mau cat personality

Egyptian mau cat personality

For all cat lovers the mau cats are the best cat companion, as the Egyptian mau cat personality is the most preferred between all cat breeds.
Since their first appearance 5000 BC, the mau cats were known with their soulful temperament; they managed to take the old ancient Egyptians’ mind by the irresistible Egyptian mau cat personality and became the most important cats on this era.
Without any confusion, we are really meaning the old ancient Egyptians, and the mau cats’ age goes to thousands of years ago, and that can be something great, and add to the mau’s value between other cat breeds, and even the word Mau has been derived from an old Egyptian word means the cat .

The mau cats were not an ordinary cats for the ancient Egyptians, their place was different as they were as gods, and there were temples, and even festivals had been held on the honor of the Egyptian mau cats.
The amazing effect of the great Egyptian mau cat personality appeared in the way ancient Egyptians deal with, they appreciate all the mau cat’s activities, and raise its value in the society, and even the death of the mau cats was an extraordinary event, as by the mau death the owners remove their eyebrows as a sign of sadness.
Also after death the mau cats were mummified, and buried as kings with statues, gold objects, and food, as their tombs were completely prepared for the next life.

Egyptian mau cat personality
Also there are legends say that the god Ra had used the mau cats’ face on his night appearance in order to fight his enemies, and a lot of wall portraits display that war on the temples walls that show the god Ra at the great tomcat look killing the snake, and continue his night guarding until the sun rise.
The mau cats were not ordinary cats for the old ancient Egyptians, the mau cats were the savers, the protectors of their life tree, and the holy cats that bring blessings to their life.
With all this historical background, we may understand the reason behind strong Egyptian mau cat personality, as it can be one of most elite animals on the world.
The elegant, graceful and agile walk the mau cat can get anyone’s attention in seconds, it has the ability to make all the eyes on her in minutes, and anyone can stay for hours just watching the mau cats’ actions happily.
The perfect Egyptian mau cat personality comes from its trust, as this cat has a high level of self-confidence, and that because of its wonderful fit body, that allows all cat’s moves easily in an amazing harmony, also you can notice the flexible coat the covers the medium body with charming patterns.

Egyptian mau cat personality
The Egyptian mau cat’s coat adds more value, and attractive look to the mau, also it has short hair with unique shape spots in different colors like silver, dark blue, smoke, and bronze.
The Egyptian mau cat personality is friendly in general, and it love family atmosphere, and the most preferred time for tem au is the fun, and playing time, it can keep running, jumping.
Unlike all other cat breeds the mau cats adore water, and like swimming, and playing in water for hours without problems, it can share you playing water ball, or even your shower.
All that activity comes from the athletic nature of the mau cats’ body that help the mau in running fast, and walking in wide stride, also the back legs length make the walk move easier, and faster.
With all fun in the Egyptian mau cat personality it is so sensitive, and very shy in dealing with strangers as it hasn’t the ability to start communication, and prefer family members, so you had to pay attention if you were planning to travel with your mau cat.

Egyptian mau cat personality
And for first time it may takes about eight weeks for the mau cats in order to get used to the place, and family, also it may feel afraid from strangers, so as an owner try to be kind with your mau if there were strangers.
The Egyptian mau cat can be considered one of most intelligent cats, as it is smart, fast learner, and has high observation ability, it can open the door, and simulate most of your reactions, also it play with toys, and drag any near available objects.
So you can easily train your mau, and watch how intelligent it is while watching its implementation, also it can share you doing puzzle, or cubes playing.
According to its wild background, the Egyptian mau cat personality seems to be stubborn in dealing, which means that it may find some difficulties in dealing with strangers from first time, as it is also shy as we mentioned earlier.
Dealing with mau cats needs some patience, as they are attention lover creatures want care, and need to be the center of your attention, as it feels depressed if it was ignored, or rejected.

Egyptian mau cat personality
Also the Egyptian mau cat personality seems to be curious, it can open your fridge, cupboards, and go for a walk in all your rooms.
In general the new born kittens can have the same Egyptian mau cat personality, they born with the same characteristics that keep enhancing with growing.
Since birth the mau kittens have high energy with crazy movement power it can run, jump, climb, and even bite.
The Egyptian mau kittens love exploring, as they are curious by born, want care, and attention, also you had to start training your mau kittens early in order to strengthen your communication, and relationship.
Also another important thing you had to be aware about is the mau cat’s food, as these cats may be selective, and didn’t prefer all food types like other cats breeds, so to keep your mau cat’s health better, try to choose the best available food, and follow good food diet with high quality components.
These were some of bright points for the amazing Egyptian mau cat personality, we all as a team hope it may help you in taking care with your wonderful Egyptian mau cat, and if there were mysterious thoughts you can contact us directly via comments.
Egy mau team is ready for all your questions, and discussions about allĀ  egypt mau cat concerns.

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