How much Egyptian mau cost

The 1st importance: How much is an Egyptian mau cat??

How much is an Egyptian mau cat?

Does it come to your mind ever that by having an Egyptian mau cat, you may own one of the most historical cats in the world!!
That simple idea may make you appreciate an Egyptian mau cat, and think again with every look to that small spotted cat, as that cat’s history can makes her the queen of cat breed.
The mau cats are the oldest cat breed in the world, its history belongs to the great ancient Egyptians before 3000 BC, as the ancient Egyptians were the first who depend on mau cats in their life, and take mau cats as pets, and then their relationship developed with the great appreciation of the mau cats.

At first the ancient Egyptians deal with their mau cats as their animal friend, the mau cats help them in getting rid of insects, rats, snakes, and any rodents, the mau cats were as the protector of their homes, and fields.
After that an Egyptian mau cat became an important family member, and religion symbol in the society, not just a symbol, but the mau cats become a great worshiped god.
An Egyptian mau cat was one of most great and famous gods in old Egypt, it was a symbol of fertility, welfare and protection, tem au cat as a god has the responsibility of protecting the life tree.
Also the god Ra had used the mau cat head shape which called the great tomcat in his appearance while fighting and killing the famous snake, that battle was displayed with detailed paintings on the temples’ walls.

an Egyptian mau cat
Many other different paintings and papyrus show the importance of the Egyptian mau as an ancient Egyptian god like these words”I am the cat which fought near the Persea Tree in Annu on the night when the foes of Neb-er-tcher were destroyed”, that was on one of most famous papyrus.
The historical value of these mau cats increase its popularity, the matter that leads to raising an Egyptian mau cat selling cost.
The mau cats are soulful animals, which make their company very interesting as they can good friends for your kids, and full your home with enthusiasm and fun.

an Egyptian mau cat
The mau cats will keep running, and jumping at your feet as if they were your kids.
That slim and graceful body has the ability to get all the attention by its attractive strides.
Beside the wonderful personality of the mau cats, they have unbelievable spotty shape, because of silk and smooth coat that covers the whole body with flexible way makes the cat’s movement more elegant, and help in the wide stride with the longer back legs.
That coat natural patterns and spots can be one of important factors of an Egyptian mau cat price, as it is the only cat breed with spots by nature, without outside colors, and it can be considered rare cat breed.
Also an Egyptian mau cat can be considered as a pure cat breed, as it is 100% pedigree without any derivative breed.
Being rare cat breed contribute in raising the offered price of the mau cat, but also there are other factors affect determining the price of the egypt mau cat like the color of the coat, the age of the kitten, and the pedigree.
Also with all these factors there is an important point every buyer needs to study is the place from where he will get an Egyptian mau cat, as you had to find a breeder with good reputation in order to be sure of the mau cat, as there are a lot of cheating cases, so you need to make hard researches for the breeder you are going to deal with.

an Egyptian mau cat
There are worldwide organizations for mau cats can help you in the right way to choose the perfect mau cat, like EMBFC (Egyptian Mau Breeders and Fanciers Club) and the Egyptian Mau Club in England which can be your guide and give you all the answers you need.
The average known price for an Egyptian mau cat in good health can be in between $800 to $1,800 USD, that amount of money as an average price for the mau kittens may be extra for some people, and make them prefer adoption.
As the average adoption fees for the mau kittens can be just about $75-$150, and there are a lot of shelters, and animal organizations can help you in adopting the right mau cat.
But before thinking about buying or adopting an Egyptian mau cat you had to ask yourself the right question are you ready to be responsible for the cat?? Do you have the suitable space and environment?! Have you made your research about the right way of mau cats’ caring??
We didn’t want to make you upset with questions seem to be hard!! But the best reaction is to prepare yourself and the family in order to take care of your cat in the right way.
Most Egyptian mau cat’s owners prefer homes to keep their mau cats in order to protect them from attacks of the animals, also to save it from stealing.
An important point every owner needs to think about is choosing the right suitable food for your mau cat, as the better food quality was, the better health the mau will be.
Also as an owner you had to contact with good veterinarian to help you in following your mau cat health, and keep tracking all available vaccinations.

an Egyptian mau cat
Another important thing for an Egyptian mau cat, is the attention as it needs to feel safe, run, play with you all the time, it is friendly animal loves family atmosphere.
All these points can be extra factors help you in caring your mau cat, and lead to increase its life, as the average living age for an Egyptian mau cat is just in between 13 to 16 years.
An Egyptian mau cat can be more than cat for some people, as it can be best friend for hard times, and for that Egy mau team offered you that article in a short points hoping to be your guide while choosing your mau cat..

Egyptian Mau running

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