Egyptian Mau Or Russian Blue

The 100% Right Choice: Egyptian Mau Or Russian Blue

Egyptian mau or Russian blue: There are a lot of people want to own a cat, but they are still thinking about which cat breed to get, as they feel confused from the infinite number of cat breeds, they keep listing cat breeds, Bengal, Balinese, Egyptian mau or Russian blue.
With us no more doubts, or confusion as we are going to solve all your mind problems, and give you all the details that will enlighten your road, and lead you to the right decision with suitable cat for your life, and to be more definite today we will concentrate our discussion on two cat breeds Egyptian mau or Russian blue.
After displaying those two cat breeds Egyptian mau or Russian blue in details, we are going to show you other left cat breeds for wider image, and to meet all our followers needs, so keep following our updates.

Egyptian mau or Russian blue
The Egyptian mau cat was known for its ancient history, as it can be the oldest living cat breed as the expected date for its first appearance goes to 4000 years BC, it can be considered a great cat breed, as the ancient Egyptians glorify it, and make it as gods, also they paint its photos on their museums, and temples.
On the other side of our comparison between the two amazing Egyptian mau or Russian blue, you can find the attractive Russian blue, which was first found in Arkhangelsk at Russia then it was transferred to Britain from the island of Archangel at 1860s.

Egyptian mau or Russian blue
So unlike the Egyptian mau, the beautiful Russian blue can be considered as modern cat breed and that can be one of clear differences when choosing between Egyptian mau or Russian blue.
The Egyptian mau known as active cats, love playing, jumping, and running all the time, also it adds action to the family through its social connection.
The Russian blue also a loyal cat breed had good mood all the time, it is a play loving cat, walk, and run with people, and even has the ability to show them different moves to do, also it is smart, kid animal, and play loving cat, but it is shy.
The Egyptian mau is the only living cat breed which has spots naturally by born without any human interfere, that spots can be noticed clearly through the flexible coat that covers the whole body, and helps in increasing its elasticity, also it helps the mau in running fast with high speed.

Egyptian mau or Russian blue
The Egyptian mau’s spotted coat can be found in different colors with unique, and different spot patterns like silver, brown, or bronze, also that coat has smooth touch.
Also it has long and athletic and slim body shape, with long tail, and long legs, and you can notice easily that the back legs is longer than front ones.
The average body weight of the Egyptian mau males can be in between 8-12 lbs, and the females can weigh between 8-12 lbs in average also.
The eyes of the Egyptian mau look like almond shape with green color, and its ears are quit long with round boarders, and the whole face takes a shape like triangle.
The physical characteristics can be the main important differentiation elements on comparing Egyptian mau or Russian blue so we are going to take a look on the Russian blue in the same points we talked about the mau earlier:
From your first look you can notice easily that the Russian blue had wonderful look beside its great personality, its body covered with double layers of thick fur, that fur consist of short hair making silky coat all over the whole body.
The Russian blue fur coat has an attractive color mix between grey, and blue seems to be bright, and its feet have silver color.
the Russian blue cat’s body seems to be large with slim fit look, also it is so strong, and its body full of muscles, with strong long legs allow the cat to run with extraordinary speed, also the thick coat which cove the whole body makes its neck hidden, the matter that gives the cat more strong appearance look.
The Russian blue males weigh about 10-12 pounds in average, and the females can weigh in between 7-10 pounds only.
The eyes of the Russian blue have a rounded shape with very bright green color, and the ears are large and defined widely, also the nose is straight defined and the face takes a triangle shape.
One of most important factors all people look for, and ask about on any comparison is the price, as it has a direct effect on any decision, so we are going to point on directly now on it at our speech about Egyptian mau or Russian blue.

Egyptian mau or Russian blue
First we will point at the Egypt mau cat because it is one of most expensive cat breeds known worldwide, and that is not because it is rare breed or something like that, but because of its historical value, and amazing temperament.
The price of a good health Egyptian mau cat can reach about $900 to $2500 according to the cat’s color, as the cat’s color play big role on its price for example the silver coat, and bronze spots mau cats’ price can be about $1,000 and $1200.

Egyptian mau or Russian blue
Also like the amu, the Russian blue’s price can be expensive for most people as its average price can be in between $800-$1,200, and that price can increase according to the pedigree of the cat.
One of most known facts is that the average life expectancy of most cat breeds can be about 15 years in normal case, but this is not a firm facts, as some cats lives more than that, and knowing these statics helps you in knowing your cat’s health state so let’s know the life expectancy for both Egyptian mau or Russian blue.
The average living years for most healthy members of the Egyptian mau can be moving in 13 and 16 years old
The average living age of the Russian blue cats can be in between 10–20 years old
These were few points of the most obvious differences between Egyptian mau or Russian blue, egy mau team hopes it can help you to eliminate your options while choosing your own cat, and for sure it can be a good step leads you toward the right decision.

Russian Blue cat in a puddle

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