identify Egyptian mau

How to identify Egyptian mau easily 0 Mistakes?

identify Egyptian mau: The Egyptian mau cats can be considered as movies stars cats because of its popularity around the world,

as their fans by millions with different nationalities, and many of them want all the time to identify Egyptian mau with all its hidden details in order to be able to take care of his mau one.
The perfect way to identify Egyptian mau besides following us is to know all the mau cats’ living secret, and that we are going to help you with also.

identify Egyptian mau

There are two directions we are going to discuss today in order to identify Egyptian mau:

The first direction will show the physical traits 

Identify Egyptian mau colors

The mau cats are especial cat breed because of its spotty fur patterns that makes mau cats the only unique cat breed with natural spots,

these patterns can be in the shape of rounded circles, or overlapped squares shadows.

The fur coat of the mau cats is thick with medium length; also its texture is smooth, and silky to the extent that makes you want to touch it all the time.

Identify Egyptian mau colors
The mau cats’ fur coats can come in several colors that make wide range of differences while choosing mau cats like black, smoke, silver, bronze or blue.

Also the mau cats’ head can be an important sign to identify Egyptian mau,

as these cats had different head shape look like triangular with round boarders,

on the top front area of the head appear the ears with its size which can be large, or medium according to head size,

also the ears’ boarders takes rounded shape corresponding with the head shape, this curving on the head gives a wild cat impression to the mau cats,

but with little concentration you can notice the difference easily.

The front area of the head may take the shape of M letter, and you can notice to small straight marks on the cheeks.

Identify Egyptian mau colors
The eyes of the mau cats have definite look attracts you with its large size, and shape which looks like almond,

also it comes with attractive light green color, but you may notice that the eyes may become darker with age.

Identify Egyptian mau size

Coming to the body which is also an important element to identify Egyptian mau,

it can be considered on the size medium, but the impressive issue about the mau cats’ body is the percent of muscles on it from the neck, back, to the legs, which increase its move flexibility.

The whole body of the mau cat can be about 24 inch long from the top front point of the nose to the least point on the tail in average,

also from the top standing point it can be about 8 – 10 inches high in average, and the average weight of the adults is in between 7 – 9 pounds.

Identify Egyptian mau size
Another noticed point on the shape of the mau cats is the difference of length between front,

and back legs (the back ones are longer) that gives the impression as if the mau is standing on the tiptoes.
Also it is obvious from the flexibility of the coat that it is distributed with more wide level on the legs turning in order to give more elasticity on jumping,

and the wide stride of the mau cats, also it helps in fast running, which gives high reputation for the mau cats as amazing runners, and even the fastest cat breed.
Moreover the outside body size can help you not to identify Egyptian mau only but to verify males and females, as the males are bigger in size from the first look.

The second direction shows how the personality and behaviors may help 

Identify Egyptian mau personality

While watching your mau cats if you feel confused, and couldn’t be able to determine if it was ahistorical mau cat or not,

all you need to do is just watch the mau cats’ behaviors to take the right decision.

The mau cats are known for their active state, as these cats can play, jump, run, and keep moving all the day on your shoulders, or between your legs, they can impress you all the day.

Identify Egyptian mau personality
The mau cats are curious cats by nature, they can keep walking for discovering hidden places on your home, or out,

also you may surprise and find them in your fridge.
Also the mau cats can be the only cat breed that love water!!

Yes these cats can swim, and play on the water for hours on bathroom, or pool if were found.

However the mau cats are shy cats, they have the ability to create strong bonds with family member,

which show how loyal the mau cats are!? They can be the best friend for your family which can be an important point to identify Egyptian mau.

identify Egyptian mau
That mix between shyness and loyalty may confuse you while dealing with the mau cats,

but after a period of time with the mau cats, you will recognize that the shyness is the mau cats’ state with strangers,

but it is 100% comfortable and friendly with family members.

The voice is another obvious important sign to identify Egyptian mau, as these cats had distinctive voice tone,

and they can do different vocalization at their happy moments, also they can do swings with their tail with the voice at the happy moments.

identify Egyptian mau
The mau cats’ speed can be more than 30 miles per hour, which grantee its first ranking as the fastest cat breed at all,

also they have an amazing ability of jumping to six feet on the air from any specific point.

At the end of our discussion today you had to know that it is not a hard mission for you to identify Egyptian mau,

as the mau cats are apparent cat breed can be distinguished easily from first look and even from far distances from several aspects like color as we mention also, also that becomes more easy, and clear with our help as Egy Mau team, who are ready for your aid any time, so keep following…

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