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How Much Does An Egyptian Mau Cat Cost?

Egyptian mau cat cost: The Egyptian mau cat cost can be one of most surprising animal prices in the word without any doubt!!
One Egyptian mau cat cost can cause high financial burden for big family, and no one could imagine that this simple wild cat which comes from the Middle East can cost all this money.
To know the main reason for the Egyptian mau cat cost you need to learn about it first! And really I mean learning as the Egyptian mau cat is not just simple cat, it has a big history with an endless number of researches will shock you.
The complete conviction of the high Egyptian mau cat cost comes from the big admiration of the mau cat as an interesting cat breed.

 Egyptian Mau Cat Cost
The Egyptian mau cats’ fascination started before 5000 BC, when it appeared for first time beside the Nile, then the ancient Egyptians start depending on the mau cats on their daily life activities as they recognize how important these mau were? As they feel their positive effect on their life.
No one in the world even the ancient Egyptians themselves can imagine the eminent reputation of the Egyptian mau over the years, the mau cats succeeded in preserving their reputation by being the most impressive cat breed.
The mau cats started by being important family member in ancient Egyptian society, then their religion importance increased by getting priests’ appreciation because of their holly thoughts.

The ancient Egyptians feel the blessings of the mau cats that make them appreciate it to the extent of worshipping; the mau cats help them in getting rid of rats, insects, and even snakes.
By days the mau cats became one of most important gods in ancient Egypt, huge temples were constructed for its sake, and big festivals held for days on the mau cat’s honor with big celebrations for days.
The most attractive thing on the mau cats from the first sight is their unique spots, this cat breed had by born spots catch the eyes, and no one could make such amazing spots in any other hybrid cat breeds, and that can be one of most important reasons for the high Egyptian mau cat cost.

 Egyptian Mau Cat Cost
Also the nice personality and good temperament of the Egyptian mau cats make owning one of them something interesting in daily life. as it can give charming colors to daily activities.
The mau cat is action lover cat; it spends the day playing running with magical speed, climbing, and even jumping in the air with acrobatic actions, also it love water playing, and swimming.
Egyptian mau cats can be the most loyal cat breeds, they feel deep connection with their owners, and that can be clear in mau cat’s behaviors like running, and follow their owners, also it can be the best friend for your kids, what makes the high Egyptian mau cat cost something doesn’t need any talk.
The Egyptian mau cat has a harmonic body shape, it’s size is not big or small, it is in between near to be medium but it has high percent of muscles, that give the body impressive power, also these muscles give the body agile, and fit look, also it increase the body’s strength, and make the move faster, and easier.

 Egyptian Mau Cat Cost
The legs and feet of the mau are in a suitable size to the whole body, the feet takes an oval with little rounded boarders shape, and the back legs are longer than front legs, which help in increasing the cat’s speed with maximum possibility, also it has the ability to stand on its toe top with stable balance while standing.
The head’s shape seems to be rounded with definite boarders show the ears shape which little medium and there is noticeable short hair on the ears.
The eyes of the Egyptian maus are quiet large with the shape of almond and attractive green color with different light degrees.

 Egyptian Mau Cat Cost
There is spotted coat with medium thickness covers the whole body of the Egyptian mau, that coat has high degree of elasticity helps in the free movement of the mau, also it is so silky and smooth, and can be found in different colors, and prints like smoke. Blue, silver, also that coat has great effect on the Egyptian mau cat cost.
As we mention earlier the Egyptian mau cat cost depends on different factors, that have also direct effect on the buyer decision, and the most important factor that needs attention is the breed quality, as you had to be sure as a buyer to get your Egyptian mau from trusted breeder.
Today there are big number well reputation breeders you can find them easily online, or through pet organizations.
Also as a buyer you had to notice that while buying there are two kinds if kittens may be offers for sale, and the Egyptian mau cat cost differences between them may be big:
The first is the cats that registered with limits, and that kind of mau cats are offered just for sale as pets not for breeding, so the average price for these mau kittens is in between $450 to $750, and that can be good Egyptian mau cat cost for most people.

The second choce is the cats that have complete registration, and here the mau cats are suitable for breeding, and here the
egyptian mau cat cost determination can vary according to other extra factors like its born, and raise place, color, and age.
The EGYPTION MAU CAT COST for medium characteristics kittens can be in between $750 and $1500, and the most famous, pure and well reputation kittens can be more expensive as the Egypt mau cat cost here can be in between $1500 and $4000, as these kind of kittens are the most suitable for breeding, and even show participation.
At the end of our discussion which we hope it may help you in taking your right decision for getting the right cat with the most suitable Egyptian mau cat cost, and if there any missing points you can easily contact with us via comments, and egy mau team will guide you, as we are ready for your help any time with great pleasure.

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