How much Egyptian mau cost

How much do Egyptian mau cats cost ???

How much do egyptian mau cats cost?
What is the average egyptian mau cats cost?
Mau cats cost, price of the maus, all these different words leads you to the same destination that can be so important for the fans of this great cat breed, as knowing the right Egyptian mau cats cost can be an important factor in the buying decision.
The matter that makes this decision Important is that it is not independent decision as it needs some studies for the budget of the egyptian mau cats cost , not only for the buying process, but also the other consequent plans for your monthly budget which needed for taking care with the mau cat.

What is an Egyptian Mau?

No one of the spotty cats lovers doesn’t fascinated with the , Egyptian Mau cats, as it is one of most attractive cats on the earth.
The moment you think about the Egyptian Mau cats, the first question comes to your mind the relation between the mau name and Egypt!? And that is a good question as that cat breed had got its whole name because of Egypt as the last part of the name was taken from the old ancient Egyptian language, which indicates that there is a strong relation between Egypt, and the mau cats, and it can be historical relation.

The first appearance of the mau cats were on the Nile boarders at Egypt, and it was thought that these are just wild cats, then the ancient Egyptian recognized that these cats are important for them, as it helped them to get rid of rats, insects, and any harmful animals that had threatened their fields, so they began to appreciate the mau cats.
That mau cats’ appreciation grows, and became worship as the mau cats were one of most popular gods in old Egypt, they built temples for it, and made big festivals every year with dancing and singing, also a lot of mau cats’ paintings still standing as a witness today on the great value that were given to the mau cats one day.
That special value for the egypt mau cat still existing until today, because of its iconic history, and through years the mau cats as a breed succeeded in stealing all people’s hearts all over the world, and all of this affected the egyptian mau cats cost directly.

Egyptian mau cats cost

Regardless the egyptian mau cats cost, Are Egyptian Maus good cats?

The egyptian mau characterized with its high loyalty ability, as it can be one of most loyal animals that attached to the family, and be your whole life friend, also the mau cats are chummy cats, they are social, and kind to all family members, but they are shy to strangers, and they are life loving animals.
The mau cats are so smart, you can learn those different acts and activities, also they can greet you, wait for you at the door, so you can easily train your mau cat to do specific acts, but you had to do that on early age.

How long do Egyptian Mau cats live?

In general the average living age for all cats is about 15 years, also there are special cases lived more than 20 years old.
The mau cats’ average living age considered medium living age in between 13 and 16 years.
Regardless the egyptian mau cats cost, the influential factors on mau cats’ age are the genes and diet as the living age changes according to the cat breed, also the way of living and food affect the mau cats’ health which affect directly the years of living of the mau.

Are Egyptian Mau cats rare?

Another reason for the high Egyptian mau cats cost is the rarity, as the mau cats can be considered as rare cat breed.

Egyptian mau cats cost
As there are about 3000 living mau cats around the world and about only 200 living kittens according to Governing Council of the Cat Fancy records, but you had to know that the registration is not a grantee that all kittens had been recorded.

How much is an Egyptian cat worth?

It is known that cats can be on the top ten lists of most favorite pets, because of several reasons like its cute size, and wonderful personality.
According to this list you may think that the mau cats may cost fortune, and that may make you upset, and retreat your decision about getting mau cat.
But that is not a right thinking because taking the Egyptian mau cats cost as the only indicator for your decision may keep you away from pleasure, and from your beloved cats, here in this situation you had to think again and find the most suitable solution that solve any problems can face you while buying the mau cats.

Egyptian mau cats cost
Having high egyptian mau cats cost must not stop cats’ lovers from owning such a wonderful iconic cat, and to take the right decision we made you that article in order to put between your hands all the details about the egyptian mau cats.
The average known price for the mau cats is in between $900 to $2500.
You had to know that there other important factors you need to put in mind while buying mau cat , as these factors affect egyptian mau cats cost directly like the coat color, and the pedigree.

How much does a Mau kitten cost??

According to several statistics, and researches the average Egyptian mau cats cost is $600 for good health and well known kitten, but this price didn’t involve other extra fees which include insurance fees with about £25 per month, and food expenses beside other caring fees.

Where can I buy an Egyptian Mau kitten?

After knowing the whole details about the egyptian mau cats cost, you had to think about the place from which you can get good Egyptian mau kitten.
It is most preferable to buy mau cats from good reputation breeders, who are honest and take care of the mau cats on the right way; also it is better to see the cattery of the breeder.
Try to be sure the breeder you are dealing with is making all the genes tests to grantee that the health state of the mau cats is normal.
On your search for the good reputation breeder try to give a look to the list of breeders made by GCCF (the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) as those breeders have honesty and obligations to the General Code of Ethics for Breeders and Owners, as those can be the most trusted breeders you can deal with.

Egyptian mau cats cost
Also today there wide number of websites offers mau kittens you can choose from, but try to pick up the most trusted one, that didn’t have much advertisement or fast selling actions in order to be sure of the sites credibility.

How much does it cost to breed an Egyptian Mau?

In addition to the Egyptian mau cats cost, you had to put in your consideration other important fees required for your mau cat, some of these expenses can be annually, and some are monthly renewed like food.
Also you need to contact with good veterinary for checkup, and periodic follow up.
All these may seem to be extra fees for you but all of these are essential elements, and will make caring your mau cat easier.
Through these definite lines we displayed you the most important points you need to know about the egyptian mau cats cost in order to help you buy your dreams historical cat in an easy way, so if something was missed or un clear tell us via comments, and Egy mau team will help you soon.


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