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Historically Are Egyptian Mau Cats Rare?!

Are Egyptian mau cats rare?!:  As humans we all have different questions all the time some of these questions may have direct connection to our life, and some are secondary questions!! But all these questions have importance for us and direct effect in some important decision.
Are Egyptian mau cats rare?! One of most normal questions that can be confused for those people who didn’t give wide attention to the cat’s breed, but if you know a little pit of animals’ historical information, you may feel the importance of the Egyptian mau cats!!
Because of the great value of the Egyptian mau cat, we have made you earlier detailed articles series about all important available details of the Egyptian mau cat, and today we are going to keep our progress by answering in details also one of most important questions which is ” Are Egyptian mau cats rare?!“, you will know everything of Egyptian mau cats’ rarity so keep following.
Nearly before 4000 BC ago was the first time humans notice the Egyptian mau cats, and it was near the Nile in Egypt where the great ancient Egyptians made their great civilization, and the Egyptian mau cats were a part of the most magnificent era.
The Egyptian mau cats were treated ad gods by ancient Egyptians, their paintings were on the temple’s walls, the Egyptian mau cats were worshiped, and even Mummified, also they offers the Egyptian mau cats sacrifice, all that may reflect you the great importance of the maus, and makes thinking about the question of “Are Egyptian mau cats rare?! ” important issue, as by thinking if that history it cannot be only the oldest cat living but also the Elite cat.

According to all recent studies, and research there are complete confirmation that this cat breed comes from Egypt, and this was assured through DNA studies, but the way with which the Egyptian mau cats moved through the world, there are some doubts about.
If the available information about “Are Egyptian mau cats rare?!” was positive or negative, you had to know that having an Egyptian mau cat can be the best thing happen to you, and that is because of its gorgeous state <3
The Egyptian mau cat can be the best company for your kids, and even for you, it is the most active and friendly cat you can get.

The mau cats will add rainbow colors to your day by it’s exceptionally acts, it can jump on the air, climb trees, and other different surfaces, also it can swim and adore playing with water which is so cool.
Also it can add different music sounds to your ears via its happy meowing sound, as the mau cats have distinctive sound.
Although the mau cats have wonderful body building with medium size, it has complete muscles system which is so amazing, and giving it great moving ability.

The mau cats’ legs are slim and strong, and the front legs shorter that the back legs which help in making very wide, and long stride, that helps in running with maximum speed to the extent that make them the fastest cats, as they can run with speed more than 48 km/h, and this high speed can be a reason for asking about the question of “Are Egyptian mau cats rare?!”, also they can stand on their tiptoes easily to impress everyone.
The Egyptian mau had a face looks like triangle, on its center defined slim nose, the eyes are green with the shape of almond, and the ears have round boarders with the face lines.
The most impressive, and unique trait of the Egyptian mau cats is the attractive spots, that have been founded by born without any external intrusion.
The whole body of the Egyptian mau cat covered with elastic and amazing glossy coat, that coat is smooth, and long with medium size.
The coat that covers the mau cats can be found in six different colors like smoke, blue, smoke, black and caramel.
In general the mau cats enjoy good health without any extraordinary disease troubles, and they may have some sensitivity toward some medicines.
The perfect weather for the Egyptian mau cats is the warm weather, and that can be good note in finding best living places for the mau for more study cases to find the answers of “Are Egyptian mau cats rare?!”.

The average life span of the Egyptian mau cats can be in the middle of the years 12 to 15, also it have the longest pregnancy period of time between cats, which takes about 73 days.

The Egyptian mau cat breed can be considered one of rare cat breeds according to the number of living maus around the world, which makes the answer of the question “Are Egyptian mau cats rare?!” obvious.
According to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) there are less than 2000 living mau kittens around the world, but you had to know that there are some unrecorded Egyptian mau kittens.
The reports of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) about the number of living mau cats around the world have new updates yearly with other rare cat breeds, which add another duty on our backs to help these organizations by doing our right role of saving these wonderful maus.
Those who are asking the question of “Are Egyptian mau cats rare?!” may be looking for the answers to get a mau cat, or want to be breeders, so that to know the answers of ” Are Egyptian mau cats rare?” can be important for them, but these information is so important for all of us.
Looking for the answers of “Are Egyptian mau cats rare?!” means every living person in the world, and that is because of our main living role, which is making the world a better place, and saving the animals’ life is one of our main duties, so we had to save the Egyptian mau cats’ life.
So if you get the answer of “Are Egyptian mau cats rare?!”, you had to pay a lot of attention for saving those incredible Egyptian mau cats, and we as egy mau team offers you with pleasure our hand, and effort for any needed help, so keep contacting us via comments.

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