how much is an Egyptian mau

Guess: How Much Is An Egyptian Mau !!

How much is an egyptian mau cat??

That question seems to be so simple for most people, but the moment they find out the answer of the question how much is an Egyptian mau?! It becomes a hard question!?
If you knew the Egyptian mau cat well, you will not be astonished, as the Egyptian mau cat is a great historical cat deserves its fame, and millions of people around the world prefer it than any other cat breeds, and we will prove that for you in simple notes below.
The Egyptian mau cats are intelligent, and smart cats add new value, and color to your daily life.

History of the Egyptian mau cat:

History can be the main reason for the high prices you hear about while asking how much is an egyptian mau?! As the Egyptian mau has great history belongs to the great ancient Egyptians 4,000 years ago, as it appears for first time beside the Egyptian Nile sides.

How Much Is An Egyptian Mau
The historical value of the egyptian mau cat comes from its importance these times, as the ancient Egyptians had appreciated the Egyptian mau cat for years, to the extent that they had Worshiped it in the past, and there were a lot of superstitions about the cat’s great abilities, and it has important presence on the walls of museums, and temples.
Also there was a belief that the sun god which named Raa can show himself as a spotted cat was called the Great Tomcat, and during the night he makes a trip with the great tomcat appearance to face his enemies like snakes, and fight them to grantee the sun rise on the next day morning.
A lot of wall paintings show the Raa god in the great tomcat status and his wars with snakes.
Also there is writings show that the Egyptian mau cats were kept at temples to be cared.

How Much Is An Egyptian Mau
 Another way of honoring the Egyptian mau cat by the ancient Egyptians is that they had mummified the dead spotted cats, and buried them with their owners in order to be resurrected with them in their other life!!

The buried dead spotted cats had put in boxes full of designs, and paintings show their traits, and sometimes they put accessories like precious stones or masks with dead spotted cats.
That strange act reflects the great position that was given to the Egyptian mau cat, and makes the answer of the question “How much is an Egyptian mau !!” had more sense.

Egyptian mau cat personality traits:

There are a lot of factors affect the prices of the egyptian mau cat, and these factors can be an important elements for your question “How much is an Egyptian mau !!” answer, and the cat’s main traits is one of the most important.
The Egyptian mau cat is one of most agile cats, it has slim body seems to at the medium size, its body is so fit and has big amount of muscles, and in general the size of females is smaller than males.

How Much Is An Egyptian Mau
The legs of the Egyptian mau cat are long, and slim also, the back ones are longer than front legs to allow free stride while walking, or running.
The feet of the mau are small, and they look like as if it rounded with oval appearance, also the mau as the ability to stand on its toes.
The length of the Egyptian mau cat tail considered medium according to the cat’s body size, also the start point of the tail is thicker.
Also the size of the Egyptian mau cat’s head is medium, and its boarders take round shape, and on the middle of the face you can notice the standing defined nose easily, and also you can notice the jaw on the males only.
The ears of the Egyptian mau cat can be noticed in different size medium, or large, it has a constant shape go with the head boarders, and there is short hair on the ears boarders.
The average weight for both males and females of the Mau is in between 8 to 12 lbs.
The Egyptian mau cat’s body covered with unique spotted coat in different colors like silver, smoke, or bronze with different patterns, that fur coat is so smooth, and soft.
That coat has medium thickness, and short length hair to be light and help on moving.

Egyptian mau cat personality:

The moment you get your own Egyptian mau, you will not think about “How much is an Egyptian mau!!” as it will be how lucky you are to get an Egyptian mau!! And that was because of its amazing personality.

The Egyptian mau cat is a social animal, as it prefers to interact with family, and feel like as if they are their family, and it takes the control on available environment.
Mau cats are so active cats to the extent that they can play, and jump all the day without getting tired, they are amazing runners also as they have the ability to run with speed exceeds 30 miles per hour, what make these cats considered one of the fastest cats.
These cats are full with energy, and power, it can makes your home full of life, and fresh as if there were a circus with its acrobatic moves as it is play lover cats.
Besides being active the Mau cats are good learners also, as you can teach it, and train it to do new moves, and activities.
The voice of the Egyptian mau cat is special also; it can make unique vocalization especially at their happy moments.
The Egyptian mau cat is a brave cat, it hadn’t any fears from dogs, or any other animals, it can make friendships with other pets, and can be the perfect company for your kids all the time, play with them and even defend them.
Another wonderful thing about the Egyptian maus is that they are water lovers which are so amazing and strange thing about cats, it may be the only breed that love water, and can play for long time in water, and can do their best to get wet.

Egyptian mau eye color:

Anyone can think that the question of “How much is an Egyptian mau !! ” can be just on time question ends by buying the Mau, but it is not, as some people think about the advantages of that on the long run, also they may tell their friend most of time about ” How much is an Egyptian mau!!” and how cool these amazing cats are.
The Egyptian mau cat has a distinctive eye shape, its eyes are quit wide and large, and the shape of the eyes looks like almond.
In general the color of the Egyptian mau cat is green all the time, and it is known as gooseberry green according to the CFA description.
Also there are equal symmetrical percentage in space between nose, and eyes.
The eyes of the Egyptian mau cat have strange look as if it is worried all the time, and that because of its small and thin eyebrows, but it is still attractive also.

Egyptian mau life expectancy:

The Egyptian mau cats are known as having good health in general as a breed and that can be another important factor in answering ” How much is an Egyptian mau !!”, but even with this good health reputation, the Egyptian mau cat can have some cretic diseases like kidney cases.
Also another reason for the diseases that may face the Egyptian mau is that it is a pure cat breed, what increase the probability of genetic diseases and there are many examples for that like asthma, luxating patella, heart diseases, and dystocia.
Because of these genetic health problems, even if it was rare, scientists, and health organizations work from 1980s on researches to reduce these problems, and save the mau’s health what leads to increase its lifespan.
Like any other creatures the lifespan of the Egyptian mau can be affected by other different factors like veterinary care, and diet beside health state.
All these factors can affect positively the life of the maus, and beside these factors the genetic state can affect the Egyptian mau cat living age.
In general the average living age of the Egyptian mau cat can be in between 13 and 16 years old, although the average living age for most cat breeds is about 15 years, and in some rare conditions some cats live more than 20 years.
The cat breeds that can live years more than the mau is the Siamese cats which can live in between 15-20 years old, also the Balinese cats that can live in between 18-22 years old.
By these brief words we give you the answers of most serious quesios about the mau’s expected living age, and we also keep answering with the main aspects of the question ” How much is an Egyptian mau !!”
Egyptian mau vs tabby:
Comparing different cat breeds can convince you with any weird point you can doubt about while answering the question of ” How much is an Egyptian mau !!”
In this section we will put the tabby cats on spot side by side with the Egyptian mau.

Egyptian mau kittens for sale:

After knowing the all factors that may affect your question ” How much is an Egyptian mau !!” answer, and getting the suitable budget, your next search began for finding the suitable breeder that could offer you healthy mau kittens.
There is only one Egyptian mau cat breed in the world, which makes its recognition an easier than other mixed breeds, and also that makes a lot of breeders prefer the mau cats as a trade.

Today there are many specialized breeders provide pure Egyptian mau kittens around the world, you can find them easily via internet by just one click, also there are many sites and organizations like the club of the Egyptian mau breeders which has definite rules, and ethics.
Don’t be surprised from the breeders’ ethics as it had to be a pleasant thing for you to be sure that these groups of breeders can give you perfect Egyptian mau cat without any doubts.
Also you had to know that the average price for the Egyptian mau kittens is about $800-$1,800.

Egyptian mau cat for adoption:

The shock that may come to few people because of some high prices they heard the moment of asking ” How much is an Egyptian mau !!” can make them change their mind about getting Egyptian mau cat, but from our place here we are going to make you feel relief and stop repeating that question ” How much is an Egyptian mau !!”.
Adoption can be the best choice for most people who want to get Egyptian mau cat as the adoption can cost just about $75-$150.
There are a lot of shelters, and rescues organizations for Egyptian mau cat adoption, these organizations work day and night to provide suitable environment for the Egyptian mau cat, and by adopting you help them to continue on their way to save animals.
Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization (EMRO) is one of most famous organizations for the Egyptian mau cat adoption, also you can use internet to find other organizations, and we will give you more suggestions like Whiskers, Vallejo, Tails and Ferals.
What makes adoption perfect choice not the low price only, but the great meaning that it has, as you are giving your hand to save any homeless Egypt mau cat, you are helping poor lonely animal and save its life from street’s life.
With our words today we offers you all the answers you need to know about “How much is an Egyptian mau ” from many different aspects we hope it meets your thoughts, also if have any questions send it directly to >>>>> egy mau team <3

Egyptian Mau Kitten

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