Egyptian mau or ocicat

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egyptian mau or ocicat

Living with an animal as a pet may be simple decision for majority of people, who didn’t think about it, but those who are interested really on cats know, how hard that is!? The difficulty is in choosing the suitable cat breed for your character, and we will help you in that today by putting two of most famous cat breeds Egyptian mau or ocicat on the table for you to choose easily.

Egyptian mau or ocicat
Learning everything about both the EGYPTIAN MAU OR OCICAT can be the introduction of cats knowledge in your life, as you will be able after that article to take the right decision 100%, and for wide image we are going to make you a whole set of comparison between different cat breeds in different aspects not only just the Egyptian mau or ocicat, so keep following us.
The both breeds Egyptian mau or ocicat are old cat breeds have a great value between breeds, but the assured fact is that the Egyptian mau is older in age, as it can considered the oldest living cat breed on the earth.
The Egyptian mau has great history belong to the ancient Egyptians about 4000 BC years ago, through that far history the mau cats were treated as great holy cats, a lot of temples and festivals were held on the honor of the mau cats, as they were worshiped, and even mummified after death.
Egypt mau cat were known for their great abilities of caring, helping and even saving, their photos were painted on the wall of temples; also many statues were made for the mau cats.

Egyptian mau or ocicat
The mau cat’s name comes from the old ancient Egyptian language from the word “Mau” which known as the cat earlier on that language.
On the other side the ocicat breed’s history goes to the year of 1960s which makes it modern cat breed compared with tha mau cat, at the year of 1964 was first time to be seen, it is considered now one of rare cat breeds.
The name of the ocicat comes from steel which was a wild cat from South America, it was a brave cat with dots pattern coat.

The two cat breeds Egyptian mau or ocicat have wonderful common personality, as they are both intelligent, friendly, and love playing.
The mau cat is active and become one of the family members fast although it can be shy at first, but then it keep playing with your kids, running, jumping and even swimming as it add joy, and happiness to your daily life.
The ocicat also a play loving cat, also it needs attention all the time, but it love being in crowded places, so it is better to get another cat with it if you were living alone.
From the first outside look you can notice easily a lot of similar points at the body shape, as both of Egyptian mau or ocicat considered from cats with medium size body that looks like wild cats slightly.
The Egyptian mau cat has long slim and elegant body with long tail, and long legs (the back legs are loner than front legs).

Egyptian mau or ocicat
The body of the mau cats full of muscles which give the cat’s body strength, and flexibility, also the body covered with flap of skin allows its free move, and makes it the fastest cat breed without any doubt.
The mau cat has unique and incredible coat covers the whole body with its smooth and elegant short hair, that coat come in different attractive colors like blue, smoke, silver, and bronze.

Egyptian mau or ocicat
Also the ocicat has strong long body with muscles, its legs are long also, and the tail length according to body length, also the body is strong, and slim.
Beside that the ocicat’s body covered with short silk, and smooth, this coat has wonderful print with dots, the thick dots covered the whole body starting from the head, the shoulders, until it reach the tail, also these attractive patterns come in twelve different colors like lavender, fawn, chocolate, silver, tawny, blue and cinnamon.

Egyptian mau or ocicat
Both of Egyptian mau or ocicat have green large eyes with a shape like almond, although in some cases you mind other eye colors at the ocicat but the blue is impossible.
The main difference between both Egyptian mau or ocicat is the head shape as the head of the ocicat is slight bigger.
At the first look you can find out the ocicat is bigger in size than the egy mau, as the average weight for the ocicat is about 4 – 6.5kgs, and for the mau cats the average size can be in between 2.5 – 5kgs.
The two breeds Egyptian mau or ocicat can be considered from good health cat breeds, there is no popular diseases, but this didn’t mean that they are stay healthy all their life, as you need to make your cat periodically check, and be sure of any needed vaccinations, also keep following with veterinary in order to keep you cats healthy all the time.
The average ling age for both breeds Egyptian mau or ocicat is different, as the egy mau cats can live in between 18 -20 years in average, and the ocicat can live years in between eighteen and nineteen years.
The Egyptian mau or ocicat are both sensitive beloved cat breads needs your time and attention most of time, so if you were thinking about getting one of them take your precautions, and make them suitable friendly atmosphere.
Dealing with cats in daily life whether it was Egyptian mau or ocicat can be the most interesting experiment in your life, as it will teach you a lot of new things every day, and you will enjoy, and have fun with that all the time, so for that we made you that study in order to be your guide while taking that important decision about the most suitable cat breed, and we hope our article today helps you in finding your answers, and if there anything not clear leave us a comment, and Egy mau team will contact you as soon as possible..

Egyptian Mau VS Ocicat wrestling

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