egyptian mau vs Bengal

Egyptian Mau vs Bengal On The Microscope

Egyptian mau vs Bengal: There are an infinite number of cat breeds around the world, also we already talked earlier about one of the oldest breed the egyptian mau, and today we are going to make a detailed comparison between the differences between the Egyptian mau vs Bengal to help all cat lovers to choose their favorite cat.
The Egyptian mau vs Bengal comparison will show you detailed differences from outside appearance to the most single trait, after reading these words you will be able to identify each one of these cat breeds from your first sight, and your friends may call you the expert of Egyptian mau vs Bengal differences.

Egyptian mau vs Bengal

Egyptian mau vs Bengal traits:

Finding out the main different characteristics in your comparison of Egyptian mau vs Bengal needs deep look on each cat traits, and we will show you that in separate detailed points:
The first cat we are going to discuss is the Egyptian Mau which has some kind of long body with medium size, this body full of muscles to the extent that you can notice easily at the cat’s way of move.
The average weight of the Egyptian mau is in between 8 – 12 pounds, and the average height is in between 7 – 11 inches, the males are bigger than females in normal, and it is noticed that its back legs is longer than front legs, also it has the ability to walk on the toes’ tips.
The Egyptian mau’s head looks like triangle with rounded angels, and its eyes are green in general with almond shape.
It is sure that the Egyptian mau is the only cat breed with spots by nature; these spots take random coat patterns shape with different colors, as you can notice that each cat can have its own spots shape with different colors.
The spots coat can be bronze, black, smoky black, or silver which is the most common color, and the other common characteristic is the background with little light background.
Next few lines will show the main characteristics of the Bengal as a part of Egyptian mau vs Bengal discussion:
The Bengal cats can’t be historical breed, as it is one of new cat breeds that were originated at America; it is not a pure cat breed as it was a result of interbreeding two cat breeds which are the domestic cat, and the Asian Leopard cat.

The Bengal cats are bigger than the Egyptian mau, and their bodies have more muscles, and stronger, as it can be considered from large cats.
The body weight of the Bengal cats can be in between 8 and 15 pounds, and females are smaller than males in general, and they reach their maximum body size at the age of 18 months to 2 years old.
The Bengal cats have strong, slim, and athletic body with high percent of muscles, their legs are long.
Their head is quit long with strong, fixed chin, the eyes are large, and take an oval shape, but the ears are small with round boarders.
The Bengal cats have different spotted coat patterns in normal it is leopard, but there are other different patterns and colors available like blue, silver, white, and brown.
The most distinctive thing on the Bengal cats is the chin spots, or marks.

Egyptian mau skin flap:

The Egyptian mau famous for its athletic body and the flexibility of its skin can be one of the main reasons for this smooth, and fast moving ability; also it is a unique ability makes the Egyptian mau different cat breed, and that skin flexibility can be the most important characteristic of the Egyptian mau as it makes the move of the cat more easy, and smooth in high agility.

Egyptian mau vs Bengal
That skin flap cover the whole body from the center to the end of the knees in a way makes its stride extra wide.
Also that skin flap can be common point when discussing Egyptian mau vs Bengal comparison, as it can be main trait in most cat breeds, but with small differences.
The skin flap of the Bengal cats allows them stretch their body with maximum ability, helps in climbing trees, running, and jumping, also the skin flap helps in stomach protection.

Egyptian mau mix:

If you were thinking about main differences between Egyptian mau vs Bengal, you need to give a look first to the mix of the Egyptian mau to be able to figure out the individuals of each breed easily.

Scarab beetle egyptian mau:

While comparison between Egyptian mau vs Bengal, you had to know that the Egyptian mau may be the first spotted cat that was domesticated by ancient Egyptian from 4000 years old.
The Egyptian mau was known for its intelligent state, what makes humans love it, as it is an active cat play, and interact all the time.

Egyptian mau vs Bengal
The Egyptian mau had a distinctive face shape that looks like M from front top point, that face shape was used by ancient Egyptian as a mark of Scarab beetle, which was the symbol of luck for them.
Also the eyes shape which looks like almond with green color, and the big noticed eyes are used on wall paintings at ancient Egyptian museums.
The double lines of mascara at the corner beginnings of the eyes and extends to the cheeks looks like the way Cleopatra used in making her eye’s attractive look.
Today the egyptian mau Scarab beetle has a wide spread fame between different people around the world, you can find it in photos, and used widely as tattoo.

Egyptian mau for sale:

The price is an important factor at the comparison of the Egyptian mau vs Bengal, as this factor affect about 99 % of peoples’ decisions most of time.
The Egyptian mau can be considered one of top ten most high price cat breeds, and these high prices come from its famous historical background which was displayed in many movies like cat woman.
The price of the Egyptian mau depends on several factors like age; pedigree, health, and color of the coat which can be consider the most important reason according to color rarity degree.
The minimum average price of the Egyptian mau is in between $500 – $1,800 USD, and that can be differ according to different reasons, and if that price isn’t suitable for you, adopting is the perfect choice which can be from caring groups, or shelters.
Also you had to put in your mind the Egyptian mau caring costs at the moment you decide to get one, as it is an important factor also, these fees include food costs, accessories, veterinarian, games, and vaccine which have big importance in your daily life.

Bengal cat price:

The other side of the price comparison between the Egyptian mau vs Bengal is the cost of the Bengal cat, that price for sure will help any potential buyer at making his suitable decision.
Here also we had to notify that the Bengal cat like the Egyptian mau is one of the top ten high price cats in the world, and that high price is because of different reasons like the cat characteristics’ as temperament, age, quality, and health.
The Bengal cats pedigreed and its active state are important factors have big effect on the cat’s price also.

Egyptian mau vs Bengal
Today the average minimum price for the good Bengal cat can be in between $1,500 – $3,000 USD depending on previous factors, the price seems to be overstated for most people what makes them look for adopting most of time, but here they had to take care before adopting any Bengal cat, and follow the breeders closely, as you need to find out breeders with ethics, who have the ability to breed healthy cats without cheating.
Like the Egyptian mau the Bengal cats may need high caring coasts for some people, so if you have decided to get Bengal cat, you had to think about these fees, and be ready for it from the beginning.

On the last two points we gives you detailed notes about prices for both cats breeds in order to help in your comparison between egyptian mau vs Bengal to take your decision according to your suitable circumstances, and we are making this hint which concentrate on price as it is an important factor on the buying process, so we hope it answers all your mind questions.

Ocicat vs Egyptian mau:

Although we are talking mainly about the Egyptian mau vs Bengal, it is important to have a look on the Ocicat as one of most athletic cats that have attractive appearance, and can be considered as one of rare cats breeds which needs some attention.

Egyptian mau vs Bengal
The Ocicat cats seems to be wild, but it is very friendly cat in normal, and can be a good friend for humans, also it is active, and can add joy, and happiness to your daily life.
There are a lot of noticeable similarities in the body shape between the Ocicat and the Egyptian mau, but the most obvious difference can be found on the head shape, as it some kind bigger on the Ocicat, and it take a Square shape looks like a muzzle, also the whole body of the Ocicat can be bigger than the Egyptian mau, and you can notice that the Ocicat’s tail is also little longer depending on its body size.
The eyes of the Ocicat like the Egyptian mau eyes take the shape on an almond but in different colors, as its eyes can be in many different colors beside green, but the blue isn’t available at all.
Unlike the Egyptian mau which is spotted by nature, the Ocicat can be considered as hybrid spotted cat breed that comes from mixing three different cat breed which are Abyssinian, the American Shorthair, and the Siamese.
That spotted coat has little obvious differences from the Egyptian mau’s coat although the Ocicat’s spotted coat covers the whole body like the Egyptian mau, but also the color differences can’t be ignored as there are about six different coat colors at the Egyptian mau spotted coat, and on the Ocicat coat’s colors you can found about 12 different coat colors.
Also the coat of the Ocicat can be shorter, and smoother with silky texture.

Egyptian mau vs Abyssinian:

As we give a look on The Ocicat cat, we are going to point at the Abyssinian while making our comparison between Egyptian mau vs Bengal to widen the comparison show between your hands, as while comparing the Egyptian mau vs Bengal, knowing other different breeds can help you in an effective way while taking your decision.

Egyptian mau vs Bengal
The Egyptian mau and the Abyssinian can be considered from the cat breeds with Mutual background, as they have come from the same area definitely Egypt.
The mutual background didn’t guarantee wide similarities in both breeds, as there were big differences also, as from the first moment you can notice that the Egyptian mau is quitter than the Abyssinian, but the size of both breeds is so close to be medium.
The Abyssinian’s head takes the shape of wedge, and there is a muzzle, also its eyes may be found in different colors like gold, hazel, or green.
Like the Egyptian mau, The Abyssinian is an active cat full of life, and enthusiastic, it can full your time with joy, it is an intelligent cat, and good runner, and it can climb any surface easily also.

The last point we are going to point at in our discussion about the egyptian mau vs Bengal is the life span for each breed:
The average living age of the Egypt mau cat is in between 9 to 13 years.
The average living age of the Bengal cats can be in between 12 up to 16 years, although there are few opinions that it can live only 12 years at maximum, which makes a shock to a lot of people, as it is so little age.

While surfing these two incredible breeds the Egyptian mau vs Bengal, you can find out easily how friendly they are!? And how they can a perfect choice for anyone, so we hope that our words today may help you in deciding which one to get from the egyptian mau vs Bengal.

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