Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat

The Great Battle Egyptian mau vs Bengal Cat

Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat: ocicat vc Abyssinian cats, tabby vc Siamese, all of these are suggestions for cat breeds make cat fanciers feel confused 100% the whole day.
Choosing your soul mate cat may be as difficult as finding your girlfriend, therefore we are going to help you in taking the right decision by discussing two of most known cat breeds the Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat.

Egyptian mau vs Bengal Cat
Knowing all single hidden details of every cat makes your decision easier, and guarantees you finding the right cat that suits your identity, and way of living.
If you think that is over or the idea is simpler, take a tour with us in a study for just two cats type the Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat, and then think how simple is that!!
This study will be as your guide map in order to recognize the exact differences between different cat breeds, and you may be able to define the cats’ breed from first look.
Not only the Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat, our discussion will keep progressing with the rest of breeds, so don’t miss it.
Your recognition ability will be your indicator in distinguishing different cats, and you will be the cats’ consultant for your friends.
Living with a cat as a home companion will add shine and move to your day, and that cat in effect on your life depends on the cats’ personality, and because of that you need to figure out cat breeds differences.

Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat size

The superannuated Egyptian mau cats can be the god mother for all cat breeds as they are the oldest cats according to history.

Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat size
The expected first appearance of the mau cats according to historical researches goes to 1500 years BC the ancient Egyptians era.
The mau cats known for their graceful body with coordinated muscles give the body incredible free movement ability.
The mau cats with their medium body size can weigh in between 6 to 14 pounds in the normal circumstances of good health care, and diet.
Also the height of the mau cats can in the medium range in between 7 to 11 inches.
The mau cats’ body had impressive look with its longer hind legs, which help in the mau cats’ wide stride.
To differentiate between the two Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat from the first look you need to know the definite size of the Bengal cats also.
The average body size for the Bengal cats can be in between 8-15 pounds so their body size can be medium or large depending on the size, but in general the wide percent are big cats.
Also the average known height can be in between 13- 16 inches.
The back part of the body is slightly higher than front part, and the whole body muscular and fit.

The Bengal cats are intelligent cats love playing, and jumping, also these cats are water loving like the mau ctas.
The legs of the Bengal cats are muscular with rounded large paws.

Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat price

The budget is an important element in our daily life generally, and if you were one of cats’ fanciers who are thinking positively about getting cat soon, it becomes more important.
That importance of budget you may touch it closely the moment you decide to get one of the both Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat.
The mau cats’ prices can a problem for some people as this cat breed is one of most expensive cat breeds.
That high price belongs to several reasons like the historical value of mau cats, beside other recent factors like the health state.

Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat price
Also the color of the mau cats has assured impact on the determined price, as the silver coat mau cats can be the most expensive.
Furthermore the age of the mau cats and pedigree of these cats are important factors on the price determination.
The average price of the perfect mau cats can be in between $900 to $2500 with taking in consideration the previous factors.
On the other side the Bengal cats are expensive cats, as the average for the good health Bengals can be about $1,500 – $3,000 (USD).
The reasons behind considering the Bengal cats an expensive cat breed are different start from the pedigree, and color.
Also the characteristics of the Bengal cats affect the offered price with the cat health, as active Bengal are more expensive.
Putting on the mind the price of the two cats Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat will make your decision easier,
As the prices of the two cats are close, which make your decision depends on the traits, and other factors.
So take a breath and deep look with our help then take the right decision.

Egyptian mau vs Bengal Cat vs ocicat

Starting from their different names, it may come to your mind that both the Egyptian mau vs ocicat are opposite cats.
Although there are a lot of similarities in personality between both cats ocicat and mau cats, as both of them are playful.
Both cats have sense of humor, and kindness, they feel comfort with family gathering.

Egyptian mau vs Bengal Cat vs ocicat
Also both of these cats have green large eyes in the attractive almond shape.
The ocicat cats’ body is muscular, fit and slim, in normal the body is large with long legs and medium paws in the oval shape.
The ocicat cats’ body covered with short thick and soft coat comes in several colors like chocolate, blue, cinnamon, lilac and brown.
The ocicat cats coat has spots with the shape of the thumb in large patterns cover the whole body.
Coming to the mau cats which have bode in medium size with athletic and agile building.
That medium body has longer back legs allow the mau cats to make the widest stride between all cat breeds.
Not only the wide stride, but it makes the mau cats the fastest living domestic cats ever.
Also the mau cats has special coat covers the whole body, that coat with its unique spots allows you distinguish the mau cats from any other cat.
The coat with spots on the mau cats comes in different patterns vary at every cat, and the colors can be bronze, blue, smoke, silver, or dark.
The main noticed difference between both the Egyptian mau and ocicat cats can be found on the head’s shape,
As the head of the mau cats has the shape of triangular with the rounded boarders and the large ears without sharp boarders,
The ocicat cats’ head comes in the wedge shaped with large ears looks like triangular ends, and tufted hair inside.

Egyptian mau vs Abyssinian

While figuring out the main differences between both Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat, it is recommended to give a look to other cat breeds,
And the Abyssinian cats are one of these breeds that need to be studied and compared with the mau cats,
Both of the Abyssinian and the Egyptian mau cats have Egyptians background,
The Abyssinian cats are thin and slim cats with strong bones body, and it can be one of medium size body cats.

Egyptian mau vs Abyssinian
The legs are long according to body size, they are strong and slim, and the paws are small with the oval shape.
The tail length depends on the whole body length bit it is tapered at the end.
Abyssinian cats’ head has shape wedge with little muzzle break, and the chin is vertically standing.
The eyes of the Abyssinian also take the almond shape like the mau cats,
But the eyes come in different colors like hazel, gold, cooper, and green, also the eyes’ color changes according to the coat’s color.
Unlike other cat breeds the Abyssinian cats’ coat colors changes with years!!
By meaning that the new born Abyssinian kittens come to life in dark coat, then it becomes lighter with years
The coat is short, thick, and smooth; it can take the shape of agouti, or ticks pattern, which makes it different from other breeds.
The coats’ main colors come in warm degrees like reddish-brown, or grey which is the most common.
Taking in consideration the mau ctas, the Abyssinian cats are more active and playful than the mau cats,
The Abyssinian cats are energetic love toys, and keep moving all the day.
But the mau cats are more loyal than the Abyssinian, and make close bonds with special people.

Egyptian mau and siamese mix

Alongside the Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat today battle, the siamese mix cats had to be mentioned,
As the siamese mix can be the living evidence for the breeds’ mix, as there are about 10 types of Siamese cats with different colors and patterns,
Choosing one of the Siamese cats may be one of the hardest choices for you, as there are a lot of attractive choices,
There are two main classifications for these different choices for the siamese mix according to different factors like patterns, the head size, and tail.

Egyptian mau and siamese mix
The main two classifications are traditional or modern.
With all the classifications the siamese mix cats known for their adorable shape from the beautiful eye color, to the different attractive coat colors.
But unlike the mau cats, the siamese cats are known as aggressive cats not in front of humans, but with high level in front of other breeds.
The aggression of the siamese cats comes from their fear and environment changes,
Also there are other factors affect the Siamese cats’ anger like genes, and breeding.
However this aggression, the Siamese cats are play loving cats, and active cats all the time
Also they are like the mau cats prefer to create strong bonds with their owners, although the mau cats are more loyal,
Like the mau cats the Siamese cats have medium size body with high level of muscles.
In general their body is strong with long strong slim legs.
The head of the Siamese cats is long with triangle shape, and long ears, and long obvious nose,
The eyes of the Siamese cats looks like the mau cats’ eyes in shape of almond, but it is bright blue color unlike the mau cats which is light green.

Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat for sale

After watching all the related topics closely for both of the two cats Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat including the sale price remain one important question!
From where can you get one of these wonderful cats!?
For the answer of that serious question you need to do little research about the most trusted breeders of the both cats according to your region living.
Also you had to be careful from wrong prevalent thoughts between people, and that can be more accurate by asking specialists
Considering the price of these two cats, and being on the list of most expensive breeds, adoption can be a perfect choice for most people.
To feel convinced you need to know that the average adoption price for the Bengal cats can be in between $75-$100.
And the average adoption price for the Egyptian mau cats can be in between $75-$150, which can be so cool.
In fact adoption is more than money saving even that is important thing also,
Adoption is about rescuing homeless cats’ life, besides helping community organizations doing their noble mission.
There are a lot of organizations specialized in saving cats’ life like the mau cats, and Bengal and our duty is to stand side by side with them
Some shelters start to make online services in order to make adoption easier, and make their voice louder
Our role is to stand, and do what is right by saving these cats’ life and giving them the suitable home they need.

So if you were interested and want one of these cats’ babies don’t hastate and adopt it.
It doesn’t matter which one of the Egyptian mau vs Bengal cat you are going to choose, the important is to save one of these cat’s life.
And we as Egy Mau team will be beside you by giving the right advice in order to put you in the right way to choose your dreams cat from one of most adorable living cats,
Also we hope you will share us your choice from Egyptian mau vs Bengal Cat via comments.

Bengal Cat VS. Egyptian Mau Cat

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