Egyptian Mau Price

Egyptian Mau Price Cost Range

Egyptian Mau price cost range: Having an animal as a pet maybe an ordinary decision anyone can take in few moments, but if you want to get an Egyptian Mau, it may take more thinking time from you, as the Egyptian Mau price cause a chock for all people all the time.

Egyptian Mau price has the ability to surprise all people equally every time, to the extent that makes some people change their mind because of high budget probabilities, and they think that it is easier and better for them to get any other kitten with less price, and it can be a beautiful pet but they didn’t recognize the difference, as they are going to miss the chance to get an extra ordinary cat.

Egyptian Mau price cost range
So the most precious advice we are going to give to anyone is to stop hesitating when thinking about the Egyptian Mau cat as it is the most purebred cat you could ever get, it is a unique, special cat, so think again before missing it because of the Egyptian Mau price.

Egyptian mau personality

Egyptian Mau cats are so special cats, and they may be magical cats according to their history which is one of important reasons for its fame beside the high Egyptian Mau price.

These Egyptian Mau cats have strong personality appears clearly in their acts, and courage reactions. Also they are one of the top ten of most loyal animals to the extent that they can be a part of your family.

Egyptian Mau cats are active cats, they can run in an extreme speed, also they can jump and do an amazing extraordinary acrobatic actions because of their muscular body.

Although Egyptian Mau cats have great abilities, their body size considers small and it may be the reason for its ability to surprise us each time, their back legs are longer than the front ones which gives them more elasticity while jumping, or running, also they can spin while jumping on the air.

Egyptian Mau price cost range
Egyptian Mau cat is the only unique cat breed with natural spots without any human interactions, and it has a lot of charming color patterns like black, blue and silver.

The Egyptian Mau cat has an attractive green eye color, beside musical voice.

Arabian mau kittens for sale

The great background of the Egyptian Mau cat, which goes to the great ancient Egyptians, gives it wide glory, and fame, that makes a lot of people try to get that mau kittens, and the moment he gets it, he fell in love with it more because of its wonderful nature.

In some times some people may travel to Arabian countries in order to get pure Arabian kittens, but today you can get your mau kitten by one click via internet, and you can choose the breed, and follow its background.

The average known Egyptian Mau price can be in between $500-$700, and that can be normal price for these wonderful rare cats. Also you can adopt Arabian kittens with fewer prices which can be about $150-$200, but this needs a lot of patience, and time from you.

Egyptian mau price USA

The Egyptian mau cats cost can be affected mainly by the cat’s colors, as you can find that the average Egyptian Mau price for both males and females in normal cases can be in between $900 to $2500, but those with spots bronze, and silver colors breed the Egyptian mau price can be in between $1,000 and $1200.

Egyptian mau price in India

Egyptian Mau cats can be one of most popular cat breeds in India, and it had a lot of lovers there, who prefer the mau cat’s wild background, and can pay the Egyptian mau price gently.

Today there are a lot of people in India courage adopting Egyptian Mau cats, and that is not for its high prices, but in order to save these cats from greed traders, so you can find a lot of websites offers mau cats for adopting with symbolic fees, and also you can buy it for $800-$1,800

Egyptian mau price Philippines

Because of its worldwide history around the world many people prefer to get a Mau cat regardless the Egyptian mau price, so you can find someone in any Asian country surfing internet every day to find pure mau cat, so for example if you were living in Philippines, the average Egyptian mau price for males and females at the age of 12-16 weeks can be in between $800 – $1000.

Egyptian mau price UK

Raising an egypt Mau cat comes with extra responsibilities as we talk before, which needs some arrangements, as you can find some countries put some conditions like insurance in uk, yes you reading right insurance!! As if you were living at UK you can find that the minimum Egyptian mau price is about £300, and there are average insurance per month about £25, also if you want to know the average food cost is in between £15-£20 for month.

Egyptian mau kittens for sale NC

The rarity of the Egyptian mau kittens makes dealing with it a good work for some people, but not all people are selfish or greed there are a lot of organizations, and members work in shelters, and even in their homes to keep Egyptian mau kittens, and take care of it, and offer it for adopting with reasonable prices about $75-$150 in average, So of you want to get your own kitten they may be the best choice you had to choose.

Also if you didn’t want to wait you can buy it with average Egyptian Mau price in between $800-$1,800.

Egyptian Mau price cost range
At the end if you were thinking seriously about getting Mau cat and the Egyptian mau price makes you hesitate!! Listen to me and get it now without any delay, as the Egyptian mau cat is not just a pet in your home it is a legacy, a cat with history can give your life new movement colors through its active state.

So we hope these words may give you all the answers you need, and if you have more thoughts write us a comment bellow, and egy mau team will reply you soon.

Egyptian Mau Kitten

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