How much Egyptian mau cost

From180 angles How much are Egyptian mau kittens??

Egyptian mau kittens

The price of the Egyptian mau cats may be one of most discussed topics you have seen, that’s because of the mau cats’ value between cats’ lovers around the world, but as an interested person you had to know the topic from all aspects which includes the price of the Egyptian mau kittens also.

Egyptian mau kittens
Egyptian mau kittens are the cutest state of the mau cats with their mini size, and fast activity, it will make you want to stay all the day playing with them.

It is worldwide known that the Egyptian mau cats are one of most genuine cat breeds, and that makes its reputation increased every day.
Also the certain connection between the mau cats and the ancient Egyptians increased the attraction to its history as some people call it the historical cats or the gods’ cats as known in the past.
To understand the fact behind the great value of the mau cats, you need to give a look to the mau cats‘ through history and you will shock because of the truth.
The mau cats were one of most paramount ancient Egyptians gods; they were appreciated and even honored by mummification, and special temples made for the mau cats.

Egyptian mau kittens
Any one visits Egypt, and discovers the mau cats‘ importance from the paintings and temples walls, he directly think about getting Egyptian mau kittens in order to feel that you have iconic kittens with the history flavor.
Besides that great history these mau cats have wonderful personality, this kind personality is the main reason for the mau cats‘ popularity, as it stands behind the people’s desire of getting mau cats as pets.
The Egyptian mau cats are play loving animals can stay the entire day running, jumping, and even swimming in the water, it can make you enjoy your time all the day by its unexpected reactions.

Egyptian mau kittens
Bringing EGYPT MAU CAT as a new family member may be hard decision for some people and take days of thinking, but you had to be sure that you will never regret that decision any time.
But to make your decision with most perfect way, you need to think about getting new born small Egyptian mau kittens, as there is typical reason behind these thoughts which based on the idea of easy learning!!
With easy learning, the aim is making the new Egyptian mau kittens get used of the home, and make these new born kittens feel home from young age.

Egyptian mau kittens
So according to several breeders’ points of view the most suitable age to get a new kitten is at the age of 9 weeks, also you need to watch this kitten health before bringing it home.
Dealing with small mau cats can be soft mission, as these small kittens will allow you make their daily schedule according to your daily schedule, you can easily prepare their bed, and make them boty training, and they will be ready in short time.
Also you will be sure that these EGYPTIAN MAU KITTENS haven’t learn other strange habits, you may not like, as you have got them in young age.
New born kittens can merge fast with your family members, and be one of your kids with its mini size that can be hold between your hands.
Even with that mini size it will be impossible for you not to notice the most fascinating spots, as with its tiny shape prints it can attract your eyes wherever it goes, these colored spots will add special charming to any mau cat.
Also you will fall in love with all the details of the Egyptian mau kittens from the whole body size, to the small extremities from the mini legs, toes, hands that force you to play with.
Also the rounded face with M shape and wide small eyes with the light green color, and the ears, all this may make you stay all the day thinking about the amount of attraction on that mini medium size body.

Egyptian mau kittens
Like all these impressive characteristics that have gifted to THE MAU CATS by born, their personality is also a gift.
Egyptian mau kittens are loyal and shy by nature, they just feel strange for the first few days, and then the moment they identify the family members, and get used to the home, they become so social.
In general the average selling price for good health Egyptian mau kittens can be in between $600 to $2000, and that price can be affected with different factors like the coat color, as silver and bronze mau kittens can be the most expensive.
This price didn’t include any extra fees so you need to make your own financial budget with all the mau cats’ fees like insurance, health care and even vaccines.
The health quality of the Egyptian mau kittens depend mainly on the quality of its living environment, which leads directly to the breeders, and the way they are dealing with theses kittens.
So finding trusted breeder with good reputation may be the hardest mission for some people most of time, as there are many cheaters.

Egyptian mau kittens
It is preferable to take your time, and ask all your friends for trusted breeders, and even visits more than one until you find the one.
Also you had to take your new Egyptian mau kittens to good veterinarian after buying in order to reassure its health state, and figure out if there are any genetic diseases, or health problems.
Furthermore it is better if you find yourself trusted veterinarian to deal with periodically anytime.
Taking care of new born kittens with few weeks age may be a hard mission for a moment, but it will save a lot of your time in the future as with days these kittens will be as your own babies with their extraordinary THE Egyptian mau cat personality.
All the people who get Egyptian mau kittens are extremely happy now with their amazing experiments, and we wish you can be one of them with our help as Egy Mau team, and hope you could share us your thoughts via comments.

Egyptian Mau kittens

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