Egyptian mau cats

Egyptian mau cats Mind-Blowing Facts

The Egyptian mau cats have the ability to catch your eyes all the day from the first look, whatever exist the Egyptian mau cats will be the Stupendous.

As known there are impressive creatures have its own beauty that looks like earth magic, and the Egyptian mau cats are one of these creatures.

Egyptian mau cats

The magic of the Egyptian mau cats comes from its unique spotty coat!!

Without any strange thoughts, we mean the fur coat!!
Exactly the simple fur coat which can be normal and maybe similar in most cat breeds,

here is different and unique in the same time.

The reason behind the singularity of the coat of the Egyptian mau cats belong to the spots patterns which appear on the skin of the mau beside the fur coat,

and it can be the first identification alert for this breed.

How to identify Egyptian mau cats!

Continuing with the alert point of the mau cats the spotted fur coat, the shiny short hair with its smooth texture which can attracts you to tickle and touch each time you see it.

How to identify Egyptian mau cats
What makes the mau cats’ coat different the spots that can’t be found in any other cat breed and more of the spotted patterns can’t be similar in two cats,

which makes each mau cat a unique one and makes you feel the difference each time you look at any mau cat.
The coat of spots can be recognized from first look by the astonishing spots with attractive colors,

the pattern mix between light degrees of colors, and dark spots, that mix can include smoke, bronze, blue and silver.
The eyes of the Egyptian mau cats are also special with its almond looks shape, large size with little angle on the top and green sparkling color.

Egyptian mau cats weight

The msu cats’ body falls under the moderate cats, which body size between medium to little big.

As the average body size for the Egyptian mau cats males can be in between 8 -12 pounds.

Also the average size for adult females is between 6 to 10 pounds.
The common note according to that weigh difference, the males are bigger than females slightly with two pounds

Egyptian mau cats weight
In general the mau cats as breed are athletic cats however their short length, their body has high level of muscles increase its power.

Egyptian mau cats temperament

Egyptian mau cats are popular for their gentleness as a cat breed, as the mau cats are friendly and intimate cats.

The mau cats are like humans have high level of intelligence and that can be obvious in every simple reaction of these cute cats.

Also they can be the most loyal living cats but with family members, by the meaning that however the mau cats are so active and loyal,

they are with the same degree shy with strangers.

The mau have preferences while dealing with humans, as it prefers to create bond with particular person from the family,

while dealing with other family members gently.

Amu cats are enjoyable company as they are love playing jumping and having fun all the time, they can share you all your crazy moments.

Egyptian mau cats lifespan

According to different researches there are several aging profiles for all cat breeds because of the wide range of diversity between these breeds.

Also with wide diversity there are other factors affect the average living age of the mau cats like the daily exercises,

the style of living and the diet quality which has direct effect on the health state and leads to little lifespan expectations.

According to all of these, the average expectations for the mau cats’ life can be in between 13 – 16 years old.

Egyptian mau cats mixed breed

As known generally there are enormous numbers of different cat breeds, and what makes this number in continues growing the wide breed mix,

that allow traits interfere, and give new born kittens with mixed characteristics.

Egyptian mau cats mixed breed
That mix combination between different cat breeds can allow you owning special cats with several advantages from different breeds.

But you had to know exactly the mixed breeds you have and that can be easy by following the genes distribution, for example the color of eyes is most common at the tabby,

Also the Egyptian mau cats have long back legs can be sign in mixed breeds with the special spotty coat,

and there are other noticeable traits can be obvious just need little concentration from you in order to define which breed that mix belongs!?

Egyptian mau cats price

Being a part of history with such impressive traits, and personality cast big effect on the cost of the Egyptian mau cats,

and make it one of the top 20 most expensive cat breeds in the world.

Egyptian mau cats price
As the average cost for good health adult mau cat can be about $900 to $2500, but also you had to know that the mau cats’ coat color is the most positive factor affecting the price,

hence the silver coat mau cats can be the most expensive,
Accordingly the silver and bronze mau kittens’ average price can be about $1,200 and $1400.

Put on your mind that these are the average prices range for healthy mau cats without any daily or monthly related expenses,

as the expenses determination can vary depending on personal preferences and abilities.

Egyptian Mau kittens for sale

After getting the average available prices’ reports for the Egyptian mau cats, another trip starts for finding the perfect kitten.
As all of us look for the perfect mau kittens with good health, and pure genes, and that needs well reputable breeder!.

Looking to the offered prices and all the efforts, you may wonder about if it worth!?

And without any doubt we are giving you the answer in details to clear any misunderstanding in your mind,

Yes 100% exactly the mau cats deserve, as it can be considered the queen breed of cats, and you will touch this by yourself every day.

Egyptian mau cats are legendary cats will add glory to your family with their light temper.
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Egyptian Mau

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