Egyptian mau cats rare

99.9% Approved Assurances Are Egyptian mau cats rare!!

Do you know if the Egyptian mau cats rare?! The mau cats’ life in danger!!

Between different types of cat breeds, there is some cats struggle for their life,

One of these struggling breeds the mau, as the Egyptian mau cats rare breed.

 Egyptian mau cats rare

There are several reasons for which the Egyptian mau cats rare breed.

According to (CFA) Cat Fanciers’ Association there are about only 6,700 registered living mau cats around the world.

These numbers put the mau on the Egyptian mau cats rare list, and light the red alarm on,

These lists can be trusted numbers as it was prepared by Cat Fanciers’

Association due to international rules.
Also the CFA’s lists can be trusted

as its data updated yearly with the latest numbers which show the Egyptian mau cats rare state.

Egyptian mau cats are the cats’ fastest runners,

they have the ability to run with speed exceed 30 miles for hour,

Also the mau cats are very special because of their unique spotted coat,

As there isn’t any naturally spotted living cat breed, which make them on the list of most distinctive cats,

So saving these impressive cats is an international duty, we all need to share.

Egyptian mau cats rare

Aside from Egyptian mau cats rare percent the mau cats are active cats love being on the middle of humans’ attention.

Egyptian cats

The Egyptian mau cats can’t only be considered one of the rarest living cats, but they are the oldest living cat breed!!

Yes, you don’t need to be shocked by the fact behind the Egyptian mau cats rare state!”

As the mau cats’ history can cause you heart attack not only sudden shock!

The approximate real age of the mau cats estimated by 3000 years BC to the ancient Egyptians age,

That leads to the Egypt, the home of the mau cats where these cats lived in,

The Egyptian mau cats weren’t ordinary cats, they were more important than Egypt’s kings!!

Egyptian cats

The mau cats were the gods of Egypt for years; they bring fertility, and welfare.

They were appreciated by the Egyptian society, great festivals were held on their honor,

The mau cats’ paintings, and photos on the walls of all temples and museums,

These cats were the gods on the land, their existence achieve miracles, and end all enemies,

The mau cats were the god Ra companion on his fight trips at the night,

Many paintings had displayed the God Ra trips in the mau cats’ form while fighting his enemies like snakes,

Special temples have been built for the mau cats, and their bodies were mummified as kings,

Also the word Mau was derived from the ancient Egyptian language, which means the cat.

The Egyptian mua cats’ trip through years wasn’t easy, but these cats were militant,

They saved their place as one of most special cat breeds through years.

Egyptian mau cats rare personality

Friendly and shy!! Imagine that mix in character!!

To be both shy and friendly may be confusing for most people, but if you looked too close to the mau cats, you’ll shock.

The Egyptian mau cats can be the only cats that enjoy the two opposite qualities!!

Your mau cat can be the most friendly and affectionate member in your life,

Egyptian mau cats rare personality
But it can be so shy and closed to herself with any stranger person,

As the mau cats are selective cats as they choose specific people to make close bond with.

The mau cats didn’t start contacting with strangers, and stay shy until getting used to the family,

And also within the family, they chose one member.

Furthermore the mau cats have athletic body, which give them great climbing abilities,

You can be impressed with every jump and think how sad if it was true that the Egyptian mau cats rare,

Also the mau cats can be the reason of joy in your day, they can jump on your shoulders,

They can surprise you with their sudden moves between your legs, and on air jumps.

The Egyptian mau cats can be the most remarkable cats you could ever see,

As they are full of energy, they can play all the day with amazing power.

Unlike other cat breeds the mau cats are water lover cats, they enjoy staying in water most of time,

Also they are fast runners, and can share time with your kids and dogs happily.

Egyptian mau cats rare size

Knowing the truth behind “Egyptian mau cats rare” will make people follow the right way in saving mau cats’ existence.

As it is our duty as human to save these legendary cats,

However rare the mau cats are, they seem to be normal cats for most people,

That because of their medium body size like most cat breeds,

The mau cats’ body weight can be about 7 – 9 pound in their perfect health state.

Egyptian mau cats rare size
The mau cats are graceful cats with slim and elegant body shape.

Also the body height can be in medium average as it can be in between 8 to 10 inches in average.

In general the mau cats’ body considered medium length also, as it is maximum length at adulthood can be about 24 inches.

From your first look you can recognize that the font legs is shorter than back legs,

That legs’ length difference helps in the mau cats’ fast speed.

As that gives the mau the ability to make the widest possible step in each move.

These steps make the mau cats the fastest living cats as their speed can exceed 30 mph.

Also that medium body size will not deceive you with other cat breeds,

As the mau cats can be recognized easily through the muscled body shape which is so unique,

Also the mau have distinctive traits we will discuss later in details.

Egyptian mau intelligence

Okay now not all people can figure the fact behind the query of the Egyptian mau cats rare status,

For this we are here to make the image clearer, and offer you all you need to know.

Generally the Egyptian mau cats have high intelligence level,

to the extent that thought to have the ability of making conversations.

That high level of intelligence gives a lot of entertaining chances and ideas with your mau,

Egyptian mau intelligence

As you can make training program for your mau cat, and learn it many different activities,

The time will be more interesting and exciting with new activities and actions during the day,

You can make different kinds of puzzles by training them step by step,

You can start by giving your mau cat rewards, and different puzzle toys,

As well don’t forget to reward your mau cats with different treats in order to encourage them all the time.

From their high genius mind the mau cats got strong personality,

They prefer to be in the center of all life actions, they want to be the favorite one all the time,

Also the Egyptian mau are smart enough to be able to depend on their selves any time,

It was known 100% that the mau cats are high observant cats too,

So your mau cat can open the doors and closets in an easy way can impress all of you,

The mau cats can be your activities partners, and your favorite team member or friend.

With their intelligence, permanent power, and active state the mau cats can conquer your life.

Egyptian mau cat price

Being endangerment as giving affirmative case of the Egyptian mau cats rare!! affect the mau cats’ price!!

Exactly as the endangered animals prices affected by the number of living members of these animals

And the Egyptian mau cats are one of these countable cats around the world that need protection.

Egyptian mau cat price

That protection importance increased because of the mau cats’ great history, and the breed high value,

That value of the Egyptian mau cats comes from being the only living cat breed with natural spots since born.

The mau cats are valuable cats from their first appearance, and still preserving their status across years.

These incredible Egyptian mau cats can be one of the most expensive cats.

As the average known price for the good raised mau cats can be in between $900 to $2500.

Besides knowing that the Egyptian mau cats rare! Or not, there are other elements affect the price of the mau cats.

These elements include the quality, good health, pedigreed and coat color which can be the most important,

As the silver and bronze coat colors can be the most expensive, and the kitten price can be about $1,000 and $1200.

Finding good health mau cat can be more difficult than price thinking,
So put on the top of your priorities is to find the most trusted breeder to deal with,

Furthermore you had to follow the Egyptian mau kittens’ health history in order to avoid sudden problems.

Another important point you need to plan for is to set you care budget earlier and finding good veterinarian.

Also try to prepare your home in the way that suits the new coming mau cat as a family member.

Assessing the fact of the Egyptian mau cats rare situation is an important step in saving these amazing creatures’ life,

So stay positive and play your right role in saving these legendary cats, and we as Egy Mau team ready to hear your story via comments.

Rare Egyptian Mau Kittens

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