Egyptian mau cats friendly

99.9% of Truth Are Egyptian mau cats Friendly?!

Egyptian mau cats friendly cats” one of most common expressions 95% of people start their speech with while talking about the mau cats, and it is the fact.

As it is true the Egyptian mau cats friendly and the kindest cats you can live with.

Their intelligence which mixed with active reactions adds action to your life and gives it spotty sparkle.
The mau cats are loyal cat breed with high extent, they can be possessive with the people they want to create bond with,

as you can feel the Egyptian mau cats friendly emotions most of time if you were their favorite one.

Egyptian mau cats Friendly

Egyptian mau cats friendly temperaments


The mau cats are gregarious cat, but they need time!! So once they have got used to your family, they will feel safe and have fun.

However the Egyptian mau cats friendly nature but they stay conservative with strangers all the time, and even inside family after getting used,

they tend to make strong bond with only one family member.

What makes the mau cats different from the other entire cat breeds its ability to play with kids, run and have fun all the time.

Egyptian mau cats friendly temperaments
Another important tip about these mau is that they are control freak,

as they will not allow you carry them and play as you want, they prefer start jumping in your arms first.
Egy mau are intelligent cats which will make you enjoy doing puzzles, and they will love doing tricks, and mind games.

Also that high level of intelligence for the mau cats help in learning them different daily behaviors and training.
The mau cats are water loving animals, unlike other cat breeds, the mau enjoy having time in water, swimming, and playing.

Egyptian mau cats friendly colors

Coming to one off most gorgeous points of the mau cats which is the coat of spots that surrounds the whole body of the mau cats in an idealistic distribution.

The Egyptian mau cats friendly colors of the spotted coat can be one of most admiration reasons, as every color has his own spectacular pattern.

Egyptian mau cats friendly colors
The amazing colors’ gradation with the spots which has the ability to be different in every single cat,

and make you feel astonished all your life, as the color mix with pattern is unique with each cat not only the whole breed, although it is the only demotic cat breed that born with natural spots.

There is no any single probability of finding two similar cats in shape, colors or patterns in the world,

which makes you sure that your mau is unparalleled cat in the whole world.

The mau cats come in different colors variations like bronze, blue, silver and smoke,

these colors comes in different mix with different degrees.
As you can find that mix in different choices like blue with silver, blue with smoke, solid blue and solid black.
The color differences belongs to genes inheritance, as these colors come from two genes, one from the mother and the other from the father,

So if the two genes were black or dark, the fur coat color will be dark, black or the main color.

If there were two different colors on the parents, the prevalent color will appear in the fur coat of the new members.

Egyptian mau health problems
So the color of the coat depends on the percentage of dominance of the color genes.

Egyptian mau health problems

Egyptian mau cats friendly state becomes more active in warm weather, as the mau cats prefer quiet weather.

Knowing what your mau cats prefer in normal life will help you creating suitable environment to protect your cat, and enjoy easy and simple life without health problems.

In general the mau cats are healthy cats, however they may face some genetic diseases

but they are not common, these diseases appeared between different cat breeds because of the low variety of genes between one breed.

These diseases can be like the cardiomyopathy which one of most famous heart, asthma, breathing problems like dystocia, and dental health problems.
Also the mau cats’ diet is an important factor for their health,

as the overweight can improve heart health problems, or even cause other health difficulties.

So it is important to make good and healthy diet menu for your mau cats in order to avoid any health issues in the future.

Egyptian mau cats friendly care

Owning one of most impressive cats put some extra duties on your arms,

as these cats may need care, and special life style, which makes you need to arrange your life with taking it in your consideration.

Egyptian mau cats friendly care
However Egyptian mau cats friendly in everyday living, they may be shy with strangers and need some time to get used to the home,

so try to be kind at first days with them.

Mau cats need to be treated gently as if they were your kids,

your eyes had to be with them most of time at first days, to respond their needs, and guide them if needed.
Mau cats are playful cats, and active which will make you enjoy their company all the time.

Mau cats love brushing, so do your best to brush them regularly, besides cleaning them also regularly.
Another important topic you need to be sensitive about is the mau cats’ medical care,

you had to contact good veterinarian in order to follow up all needed vaccines,

and to be aware any possible health problems, or sudden infection.

Egyptian mau cats friendly possible price

As a cat breed mau cats are not cheap cats, because of their rarity conditions,

as there are about 2000 mau kittens around the world yearly.
Also the mau cats are cats with history, which put them on the top of valuable animals not only cats,

and that affect directly the offered selling price of these cats.

Moreover there are many factors had to be in consideration about the mau cats

as they affect their price, these factors include the fur coat color, pedigree, age and the health state.

According to all these factors the average price for both mau genders can be in between $900 to $2500.
Also beside all these factors the breeder you are going to deal with is an important factor,

so take your time in searching for reputable breeder with positive recommendation.

Egyptian mau cats friendly possible price
Dealing with Egyptian mau cats friendly will create emotional connection with your mau cat, and that will lead to more beautiful and colorful life, and consequently the mau cat will be your favorite roommate, and friend.

Through these thoughts Egy Mau team offered you the truth behind Egyptian mau cats friendly traits, and nice personality,, we hope it answered all your questions, an if there is unclear points tell us via comments, and we will help you soon.

Talkative Egyptian Mau Cat Meow

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