Egyptian mau cat rescue

saving the gods’ cats Egyptian mau cat rescue

Egyptian mau cat rescue

Egyptian mau cat rescue!! Wait Wait for a moment before thinking about any rescue organization!!
As today we are going to take the mission of the Egyptian mau cat rescue by discussing the perfect way for saving the legendary mau cats as one of most important cat breeds around the world.
The idea of discussing the Egyptian mau cat rescue comes from high responsibility feeling especially with all the troubles that had faced the mau cats around the world lately.

This responsibility force all mau cats’ fanciers around the world to take their part in the society to keep these legendary cat breed save in front of that deleterious world.

The world’s obligation toward the mau cats comes due to the mau cats’ great history, as the mau cats are not just simple cats on the Egyptian streets.
The mau cats are cats with history, their background return back to the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, which make these cats extraordinary cat breed and the Egyptian mau cat rescue becomes national duty to save the mau cats’ great heritage.
Anyone hears all that talk about mau cats and history may feel astonished, and even can’t believe that these medium size cats can have all that glory history, but in fact they are!!
One day the Egypt mau cat were the most appreciated cats on the planet, and that can be easily approved by small trip to Egypt, and you will see how these mau cats were one of the earth greatest gods.

Egyptian mau cat rescue

The mau cats’ photo paintings on the walls are still standing as a witness of glory in different positions, and the museums’ papyrus told a lot of stories about the mau cats’ heroism in fighting enemies.
Also there necropolises filled with mummified bodies of the mau cats, all that can be enough to the humans for the Egyptian mau cat rescue.
Also the mau cats can be considered as one of most beautiful cat breeds because of many traits like the attractive green eyes, and the unmatchable spotty coat.
What make the coat of the mau cats unmatchable is the unique spots which can’t be found in any other cat breed, not only other cat breeds but also between the same breed as every single cat has its own unique spotty coat.

The coat of the mau cats can be found in different colors and shapes with silk and smooth air force you to touch all the time.
Also the mau cats can be considered the racer cat breed because of their fast running ability, as they can run with speed exceed 30 mile for hour.
That impressive running gift comes from the wide stride of the back legs, the fitness, and lightness of the muscled body!! Yes it 100% muscled body with high fitness level allow jumping and spinning on the air with great flexibility.
That fast reflexion and high sense of activity add great value to the mau cats as a cat breed, and make it one of the most elite cat breeds, and the role of the Egyptian mau cat rescue is an imperious task.
In any list of elite cat breeds whether this list was for the top elegant or top unique, or the fastest, or the historical, the mau cats must be one of the top ten whatever this ranking was for!!
All that make all humans believes that the mau cats are extra ordinary cat breed need respect, and need to be saved as special creatures on the earth.
Believe it or not, with all that history, and wonderful characteristics, the mau cats are suffering not only in Egypt, but in all over the world.

For the Egyptian mau cat rescue you need to start from Egypt, the mau cats’ main home, the place to where this incredible cat breed belongs.
Today in Egypt you will shock completely by the treatment given to the mau cats, the street full with stray cats, the mau cats’ life threaten all the time by cars, starvation, diseases, and even abuse.
Outside Egypt the matter is not so different, as in several countries the mau cats suffer without sound, and no one recognize that.
The life of the mau cats in danger most of time because of the interbreeding and also there aren’t enough pure mau cats for mating.
All of these risks made the Egyptian mau cat rescue urgent issue, and a lot of organizations start to take the mission.

A lot of Egyptian mau cat rescue organizations have been established around the world, and at Egypt in order to offer help and save all endangered mau cats.
Egyptian mau cat rescue organizations work was depending on finding all mau cats, and support mau cats lovers.
Giving home to all lost mau cats Egypt was on the top of the list, and a lot of volunteers traveled to Egypt just for that reason.
Some members of these Egyptian mau cat rescue organizations moved to Egypt, and spend days searching for any stray mau cats at streets, then take them to safety homes.
They offer the mau cats the food, and home, also they do their best for helping those week cats, and give them suitable life.
After caring the mau cats, they may be offered for adopting, and any one wishes to get one, he had to pay Symbolic price for the mau cats’ caring.
Also the Egyptian mau cat rescue organizations start building shelters for the mau cats in order to create suitable community for the mau cats.
These shelters can be the first destination to all the mau cats’ fanciers, and those who are looking for cats, also that make mau cats’ adoption easy mission which helps in saving the mau cats.
Not only Egypt, but also all over the world there are a lot of legal Egyptian mau cat rescue organizations, these organizations make different plans on the short and long run for saving this precious cat breed.
Some of these organizations do their jobs through several branches around the world, and transfer cats from Egypt to several countries looking for pure pedigree.

If you were one of the mau cats’ fanciers, accept the responsibility, and put your hands with the Egyptian mau cat rescue organizations for saving the mau cats, and we as Egy Mau team will be beside both of you for immediate help.
As we as a team recognize completely the value of the mau cats as legendary cats with unbelievable background, and deserve best of the best, so we are sharing the responsibility by doing our role in the right needed way so keep following us…

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