Egyptian mau cat kittens

Egyptian mau cat kittens 1st Spiritual Gift

Stunning Egyptian mau cat kittens can be the light source in your life,
Egyptian mau cat kittens are not just small size cats can obstruct your legs, or bother you during the day,
These mini mau cats can be the cutest thing in your day; they will run and jump between your legs and shoulders,

So of you were looking for cheerful life companion, the Egyptian mau cat kittens are the best <3

Egyptian mau cat kittens

The mau kittens belong to one of most genuine cat breeds, their roots come from the great Egyptian civilization,

They considered one of the most ancient animals not only cats,

imagine their age go back to 1400 years BC.
So anyone wish to own the historical cat which was the Egyptians’ god one day,

The Egyptian mau cat kittens preference didn’t depend on history only,

but the mau cats are perfect cats!!

By saying perfect cats, it is meant that the mau cats are integrated animals,
For their wonderful characteristics like graceful body shape, unique coat with spots, and extra speed,
The intelligence and courage of the Egyptian mau cat kittens can impress you all the time,
So these shiny cute kittens are the best for you and your families so don’t think twice and get your now.

Egyptian mau cat kittens size

Since their first day the mau kittens are stupendous creatures,
With their tiny paws, small nose, and innocent calling eyes, they can get your attention all the time.

Egyptian mau cat kittens
You will wish carrying these cute mau kittens between your hands, and even put it in your pocket.
Without doubt these sweet mau kittens can be like your kids,
That cuteness and sweet mini size put the mau cats in the moderate size cat breeds,
That small size dives the Egyptian mau cat kittens the fast speed ability,

As the mau cats can the fastest cats in the world with speed more than 30 miles for hour.

Alongside with the physical body traits, the body size helps in the light move while running.

The Egyptian mau kittens born with only 3.5 ounces weight,

Two months later the mau kittens’ weight increased to be 1 to 2 pounds,

Every week the egyptian mau cat kittens earn about 0.2 ounces until they reach their full weight.

The average full weight for the adult mau cats can be in between 7 to 9 pounds.

The mau cats reach that average full weight during growth at 12 months age.

The mau kittens’ growth process start with little speed until the first year,

then it became slower to reach the average supposed weight,

As a rule the males of the mau cats’ are bigger than females in size with 1 or 2 pounds,

The mau males can weigh about 8.6 pounds in average,

On the other hand the females can be about 7.2 pounds,

All these are average assumptions can vary according to several factors.

Considering the height of the mau cats which is medium, and can be about 8 to 10 inches in average.

Egyptian mau cat kittens

The same fact is here also as the mau males are taller than females.

Egyptian cat breeds list

Giving a back look to the past Egyptian history will show how the mau cats were appreciated by the ancient Egyptians!,
The Egyptian mau cat kittens were in divine position at the pharaonic age,
There were temples, festivals, and great rituals held honoring the mau cats on these times,
With all its different breeds the mau cats were given attention, and interest to the extent of worshiping,

The honorable interest attract cats to this suitable environment with their different breeds,
So there were several cat breeds in these years and we are going to talk about some of it like:

African wild cat

One of the cats that were kept by the ancient Egyptians, which were extracted from the wild cat,

The African wild cats consider one of small size cats that weigh about 7 kilo,

These cats’ body covered with short thick fur coat can be grey or yellow, and black lines cross the tail and body


There aren’t any 100% evidences about the Abyssinians origins,

but most opinions say they belong to the ancient Egyptian cat breed.

Although the name of the Abyssinians belong to Ethiopia, they were updated at the UK .
These cats have athletic and graceful body looks like the cougar,
They are intelligent, active and play lover cats.

Egyptian mau cat kittens

The mau cats can be the most famous cat breed; they are the most special cat breed with their unique spots,

The mau cats have agile body covered with special unique spotty coat make the mau cats the only spotty cat breed,
That coat comes in several colors like grey, bronze, silver and smoke.

Their name “Mau” belong to the ancient Egyptian language, which means the cat in voice.

Egyptian mau cost

Mau cats give our life different taste, with their humor sense, and active playing all the time.
Having wonderful personality increases the mau cats’ fame, and raise demand on it.

The Egyptian mau cat kittens own babies’ nature smooth touch, cuteness, and attractive innocent look,

Most people wish to get one of these remarkable cats with its unparalleled shape,
Before getting one of these amazing mau cats you need to prepare yourself and your home for the new member,

Egyptian mau cat kittens

The first preparation step is looking for good breeder keeping healthy kittens,
The second step is discovering the price which can be traumatic to 99% of us,

The excessive price of meu cats is not for nothing, as these cats have amazing features,

The spotty coat which can’t be watch in any other cat in the world,

Not only the coat texture, but also the coat color has big positive effect on the maus’ price,

As the silver and bronze mau cats are the most expensive between all colors,

Also the incredible speed and the great history which goes to thousands of years affect their price,

The average cost offered for the mau cats is in between $500-$3,500,

That price varies according to those factors we have talked about,

So while choosing your mau, put in your consideration the cats’ characteristics, and their health state,

Also watch the breeder you are going to deal with for time in order to figure the mau cats’ caring status.

Egyptian mau cat kittens

The better the breeder was the better mau cats you can get,

The rule is very simple, and will save your time and money.

Egyptian mau cat kittens for sale

Age! Yaa the age of the mau cats is an important element while evaluating the mau cats,
The price of an adult mau cat is different from one month kitten,
A lot of people prefer young kittens in order to tame them easily,
New born kitten may take less time in getting used with the new home and family,
Also training young Egyptian mau cat kittens can be easier, and improve their skills faster.
Moreover raising new born kittens will give you the chance to take your time in recognizing these wonderful cats,

Coming to the price of the mau kittens which affected with the up mentioned factors also,

The Egyptian mau kittens’ sale price can be in between $800-$1,800 in average,

To those who feel these prices are over their abilities adoption can be the suitable choice!!

Yaa adoption, as you can get Egyptian mau cats with all suitable standards in very surprising price!!

As the cost of adopting Egyptian mau kittens can be about $75-$150 only!! This is so cool!

Beside the cool price the adoption is great societal value, with which you are playing your positive role,

There are many rescue organizations and shelters waiting for your call to save street cats.

So don’t think twice and take our words as a guarantee to rescue all streets’ animals not only the Egyptian mau cat kittens,

Therefore stop asking and thinking about prices, as no money can equal the value of your life mate.

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