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2nd Life-changing Miracle: Egyptian mau cat for adoption

Egyptian mau cat for adoption direction can be the golden choice for all mau cats’ lovers.
There are several reasons behind considering Egyptian mau cat for adoption golden key for most people, who are dreaming of owning these glories cats, so we are going to talk about all of this today in details.
As known our great duty as humans is to save the earth with all its impressive creatures, and the mau cats are one of these endangered cats.

Egyptian mau cat for adoption
Finding Egyptian mau cat for adoption ways can be the best way for those who are facing troubles in buying mau cats.
It never mind the kind of troubles you faced, adopting is unconditional solution can solve all your problems and help you bringing you dreams cat, and let you help these cats.

Egyptian mau colors:

Spotty colors are the brightest sign for the mau cats, as these cats with its cute medium size have wonderful colors variation.
The moment anyone walk in to anywhere to get a new mau cat like shelters, or Egyptian mau cat for adoption centers, or even on streets, he will be fascinated by these spotty colors.

What make these colors the most special and different from all other cat breeds, the source of colors which come from inside skin layers of the mau cats.
As the outside appearing colors isn’t visible on the coat only like other cats, but the spotty colors seem like as if it has roots on the inner skin layer, which is brilliant.
The overlapping of colors come with different degrees light background, and darker spots in different colors or even the same color spots.

The mau cats can be found with attractive coat colors like blue, smoke, bronze and silver,

these colors can be interfered in several patterns, and in one color with two degrees light and dark, and sometimes solid color.

Egyptian mau colors
These colors have other side effects besides stealing your eyes; one of these serious effects can be on the fur coat texture!!
Yes, as you can feel that with your hands from your first touch for example the bronze or silver mau cats have elastic and dense coat fur,

also the smoke mau cats their fur coat is smooth and silk.
Also that color diversion has big positive effect on mau cats’ price determination, and we will talk about that later.

Egyptian mau cat for adoption size:

In general the mau cats are listed as one of the moderate size cats,

as the body size of the mau cats is in between not very big, or very small, but it still cute, you can hold, and play with.
Notwithstanding that moderate body size, it is 100% muscled!!

Yaa the mau cats’ body muscles percentage gives these cats elegant and agile look, and gives the mau cats’ big freedom in moving.

Meanwhile that elegant walk and graceful look add high charisma to the mau cats’ personality,

and rise their appealing between humans which put it as one of most wanted pets between 90% of people,

and that the reason for all these Egyptian mau cat for adoption organizations worldwide.

That moderate body weight can be smaller in females than males,

as the average weight for adult healthy females can be about 7.2 pounds,

and the healthy adult males’ weight is about 8.6 pounds in average.

Otherwise the average high for both adult males and females at their top growth age can be in between 8 to 10 inches.

Also it was noticed that the males seem to be taller than females with maximum two inches.

Another apparent different and strange characteristic about the mau cats’ body is the difference in length between front and back legs, as the back ones are longer.

Egyptian mau cat for adoption size
With this difference you feel confused about how these cats can stand on its tiptoes of the back legs, as if they were idealistic ballet dancers.

That length different in les give the mau cats’ high ability of running with extra wide stride,

which was the main reason for considering mau cats as the fastest cat breed at all.

Egyptian mau cat for adoption breeds list:

As a breed the mau cats may be the mother of all the breeds according to their history which belongs to the ancient Egyptians civilization.

Over these long years the mau cats have been evolved, and several breeds appeared, some of them were having roots in Egypt, and some were wild cats.

Egyptian mau cat for adoption breeds list

The majority of these breeds can be suitable choice for all people as pets,

and can be found easily via several egyptian mau cat for adoption organizations, or shelters, for that we are going to talk about some of them in brief:
• Abyssinian cats
The Abyssinian cats are also from old age cats with history, although their origins didn’t discovered yet, as there is not any evidence about their first appearance

Abyssinian cats
Some researchers said they were belong to south Asia, and some assume that they belong to old Egypt, and middle east but there is not any evidences for all of that.

The word Abyssinian had been evolved at Britain from the name Ethiopia during the British kingdom, and all today developments for the Abyssinian cats happened at UK.

• Chausie cats
Chausie cats are hybrid mixed cat breed between domestic cats, and Jungle cats.
It is also an Egyptian cat breed as its first appearance was in Egypt.

The Chausie cats looks like Jungle cats in shape because of the hybrid interference,

and also that interfere was the reason behind considering Chausie one of biggest living cat breeds.

These cats play loving and active all the time; also they had high level of intelligence.

Egyptian mau cat for adoption price

Bringing ne mau cat to your home may be brave decision as not all people can afford caring these precious cats, and even afford their budget!!

Considering the budget as an important positive factor affects all our buying decisions, the adoption can be the perfect choice in the case of owning one of the mau cats.

Preferring the Egyptian mau cat for adoption choice comes because of several reasons on the top of them the high selling price of this cat breed, as one of top ten expensive cats in the world.

So if you had made a little comparison between the selling price of the mau cats, and the adoption average cost, you will easily make your choice in less than five minutes.

The average adoption cost for mau cats can be only in between $75-$150 according to the cats’ age, and pedigree purify.

Egyptian mau cat for adoption price
Also encouraging adoption help in saving mau cats lives from streets, and risks, so it is the one hundred benefits choice for both yourself, and the mau cats.
So once you think about mau cats put adoption on the top of your priority, and make your search in order to find the best shelter, or organization for help, also you can follow our updates.

Egyptian mau kittens for sale Wisconsin

Today the world becomes smaller, and you can get all your needs by one click, which is so cool, and make our life easier.
If you were living on the Far East or America you can bring mau cat from Egypt easily, and if you were living in Wisconsin these words are especially for you.
At Wisconsin there are a lot of mau cats’ lovers who turned that fascination into work in order to do their work with more passion with the company of most blessing cats.
There are big numbers of mau cats’ breeders, who are working on understanding the mau cats’ nature, personality and best way for caring.

Although it may be hard for anyone to find those breeders, we are going to help you in that and give you some options to help you in finding the most suitable breeder.

Some of those breeders sent agents to Egypt in order to bring pure mau cats, and do their best in helping these cats in adopting, and take care of them.

Egyptian mau kittens for sale Wisconsin
Wisconsin Egyptian Mau Breeders, Amaure Cattery, and amazon can be the best choices for Egyptian mau cat for adoption.

But you have to be clever while choosing your mau cat, in order to get well health kittens at the suitable age,

and it is better to get young kittens to be able to train them, and teach them easily.

Mau cats’ kittens will bring cheerful taste to your life, as if they were your new babies, you will feel their impact in your daily life with great joy.

So get up now and arrange your home, then start looking for your new mau kitten baby, and don’t forget to tell us about you experiment via commenting bellow.

Egyptian mau cat for adoption lifespan

In general the living age for cat breeds can be affected by several daily factors like food types, and health care.
The average lifespan for 95% of cat breeds can be about 15 years, and some breeds can live more than 20 years like the Balinese

which can live in between 18-22 years, also the Siamese can be one of old living cats as it can live in between 15-20 years.
Also some little breeds live just in between 8-14 years like the Manx.

Returning back to the mau cats, which can be considered one of medium age cat breeds,

as their average lifespan can be between 13 and 16 years.
In general the lifespan of the mau cats affected mainly by genes distributions and these genes affect their health during life.

Bringing one of these cute mau cats seem to be hard mission, not because of prices mentioned earlier,

but for the needed care, as these awesome cats need love and care all their life time.

Thinking about the mau cats as one of rare living breeds gives Egyptian mau cat for adoption high level of importance,

and it is a worthy level comes from the mau cats’ legendary position.

So try to be a part of these historical cats’ saviors, and we as Egy Mau team we are going to help you by answering all your mind questions about all the mau cats’ history, life, and nature.

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