Egyptian mau cat facts

5 Most Breathtaking Egyptian mau cat facts

Egyptian mau cat facts: As a humans we all prefer reality, and want to know the true facts most of time whatever it was, and if these facts was full of adventures,

it will be more exciting and attract the whole attention, and the Egyptian mau cat facts are one of these interesting facts all people want to know about.
Egyptian mau cat facts are that kind of facts that can be related to history, and make you follow that amazing cat breed from thousands of years.
The mau cats’ elegance and attractiveness force anyone to lose his mind with this breed passion,

that strong personality makes you want to know all the related information, and Egyptian mau cat facts which leads us as a team to the knowledge road that will put all the facts between your hands with interesting presentation.

Egyptian mau cat facts

After browsing these words you will find that you have got all the Egyptian mau cat facts from all aspects,

and you will easily discover which piece of information given to you is true, and which is not, so you had to write it down to help others .

Egyptian mau cat facts colors:

In order to know all the truth about the mau cats we had to start with the mau cats’ trade mark which is the spots!!
For 100% assurance the spots can an exclusive sign for the mau cats, as these cats can be the only cat breed that born with spots,
And these spots can be found the cats’ body itself, not the outside coat only, and that fact was the main topic for several researches and was approved with complete evidences.
The spotty coat of the mau cats is made of short silk and smooth hair, and it is distributed to cover the whole body with an impressive harmony, that helps in the mau movement.

Egyptian mau cat facts colors

Also these spots can be found in different and unique colors mix like bronze, blue, silver and smoke that wonderful color mix can’t be repeated in tow mau cats the matter that makes you sure of having a unique cat can’t be found anywhere else.

Aside from the spots coats the mau cats have other traits facts need to be known like the tow straight lines on the cheeks,
which looks as if it was having natural mascara, also the mau cats’ face shape is unique and especial with its M curved with round boarders.

Egyptian mau cat facts size:

Completing with the Egyptian mau cat facts that related to the outstanding characteristics, and here the most amazing point we shouldn’t forget talking about is the attractive eyes which had unbelievable green degree of gooseberry with the shape of almond that add different angle to the look of the mau cats.

These attractive eyes stand on the center of medium size head with traingal shape that has rounded borders,
The ears are large with the same rounded boarders that add difference look to the mau cats’ head.
In general the body size of the mau cats is medium comparing with other cat breeds.
The average known weight for mau cats can be about 8 to 12 pounds.
Also the average high for good health mau cats can be about 7 to 11 inches.
With this body length it is easy to recognize the length difference between back and front legs from the first sight.
That length difference affects positively the mau cats’ speed, which will be discussed in the coming points.

Egyptian mau temperament:

The speed of the mau cats is an important point we had to point at while talking about the Egyptian mau cat facts,
as there are a lot of statistics talked about mau cats’ speed, and even proved that mau cats are the fastest living domestic cat breed on the world,
as the mau cats’ speed exceed 30 miles for hour.

Egyptian mau temperamentThe reason behind that high speed of the mau comes to the length of its back legs which exceed the front legs, and give the mau extra wide stride leads to incredible speed.
Also the flap of skin helps in the flexibility of move while running and allow mau cats to run with its maximum speed without any stumbles, and the high amount of muscles that have been distributed around the whole body with great harmony.
Beside the incredible running speed the mau cats had the ability to jump on the air until it reach six feet from definite point, the matter that can make you shocked.
One of most strange Egyptian mau cat facts is the pregnancy period, which considers the longest period between all cat breeds as the normal pregnancy period for any cat can be in average between 65 to 67 days, while for mau cats it can extend for 73 days, and they can give about 6 kittens each time in average.

Egyptian mau temperamentIt is known that the mau cats are friendly animals love playing, and integrate with people easily, but that isn’t 100% true, as in fact mau cats are shy animals can’t socialize fast, and these cats didn’t love strangers, so it needs time to feel comfort with people.
Also another fact can be strange is that these mau cats are water lovers, unlike other cats the mau prefer water playing and having fun.

Egyptian mau spiritual meaning:

And now we had reached to the point that raised a lot of controversy, which is the historical back ground as one of the Egyptian mau cat facts, as there are several points of views behind this, some opinions say that there is no 100% assured evidence prove that the mau cats are from Egypt.
On the other hand there are many opinions support the pharaohs’ history of the mau cats depending on the ancient Egyptians clues represented on paintings,

and mummified bodies of the ancient mau cats, and from our point of view we tend to go with the second opinion as it is the most convenient opinion according to the available data.
So consequently the mau cats are great cats, as they were worshiped one day by the ancient Egyptians, also they were known as one of great gods, and a lot of festivals were held on their honor and even their death were big sad event there.

Egyptian mau spiritual meaning
Also the name of the mau cats can be one of the Egyptian mau cat facts, as it was taken from the ancient Egyptians hieroglyphic word mjw which means the cat, or the sun on some translations as a sign for the value of the mau cats.

The average lifespan of the mau cats is one of the most important Egyptian mau cat facts all mau cats’ fans had to know about as it is in between 9-13 years only.
Through these simple guidelines we had offered you all the truth behind the Egyptian mau cat facts that you may think about, and if there any missed points, let us know via commenting, and Egy Mau team will contact you.

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