Egyptian mau cat club

Egyptian mau cat club Top1 Genius Inspiring

The Egyptian mau cat club or the mau cats superheroes!!
Exactly superheroes as their mission can be the most ideal in the world,

The Egyptian mau cat club is the perfect example for everyone wants to save these endangered animals,

Being one of most important and valuable cat breeds makes the mau cats’ rescue urgent task,

Thus encourage many organizations, and individuals to join the Egyptian mau cat club for saving mau cats,

Egyptian mau cat club

The top aim of the mau cat club members is to follow the mau cats’ footprints,

By watching the mau kittens, and monitoring their life style in order to ensure that they are kept in the right way,

The club can be considered the main source for all needed information about the Egyptian mau cats,

The Egyptian mau cat club may be the first destination for mau cats’ fanciers everywhere.

At specific time yearly the club members meet in great event sharing their mau cats’ experience,

Mau cats’ owners shared experiences may be the bright example for those who think about getting mau,

Also these events make the club’s members share advices and strange moments, and what to do by experience,

So these events can be between most important events every year.

Egyptian mau price

Assessing the mau cats’ price is one of the Egyptian mau cat club missions that need deep study!!

Fast price fluctuations what makes the study is such important topic to all who are interested in mau cats’ affairs,

Egyptian mau price

That volatility in prices happens due to several different factors;

each one of it needs close separate study,

So today we are going to talk bout some of these factors in brief,

The spots colors come in top of affecting price factors,

With every color change the price changes,

but you need to know that the silver and bronze are the most expensive,

As the average price for silver or bronze mau cats is in between $900 to $2500,

Comparing to the average price of mau cats which is between $800- $1,800,

Also the mau cats’ health is important point every mau cats’ buyer need to scrutinize carefully,

As beside price affecting, your mau cats’ health will affect your daily life,

Imagine how your day could affect!!
First of all it will affect your budget badly,

a lot of medicines, and veterinarians’ visits,

As well as your time and efforts in taking care with the mau,

Egyptian mau cats’ breeding way is an important factor needed to be in consideration,

The better the breeding was, the better mau cats appear,

Being one of most rare cat breeds may be the reason behind searching for healthy breeding ways for the mau cats,

Egyptian mau price

So make it the deepest task and find the most trusted breeder,

that has high level of honesty in raising his mau cats,
Watch and watch for period of time until you find the one to deal with.

Egyptian mau kittens for sale

Age is also important for the Egyptian mau cat club followers,

as dealing with young mau kittens is easier,
The reason behind age importance is the kittens’ fast learning ability,

which affects the mau cats’ personality,

Training mau kittens at early months is more positive and easier,

Also it is better for the mau kittens as they can get used to the home and family faster,

That makes the mau kittens feel comfort with family members and feel home,

From their first moments at home, you will be fascinated by the mau kittens like all the Egyptian mau cat club lovers,

For their running rounds, jumps, and even swimming

as the Egyptian mau cats are water lover cats,

These cool mau kittens will be as your most sweaty kids, you wish to take them everywhere,

The Egyptian mau kittens size considered in medium level as the average born size is about 3.5 ounces,
That size increased by 0.2 ounces every week

Egyptian mau kittens for sale

until it reaches the average normal weight which is between7 to 9 pounds,

The average available offered price for these mini mau kittens is about $1,000 and $1200.

Mini mau kittens are active and play lovers cats,

which guarantees you the best pet to live with,

After living with these cute kittens you will convince that their price did not compared with their value,

Either their intangible, or historical values which can’t be evaluated with any amount.

Egyptian mau cat club price uk

Thanks to the long back legs of the mau cats that participate in giving these spectacular speed,

As with these legs the mau cats can make the widest stride between all living cats

which make them the fastest at all!!

Yaa the fastest as they can run quickly with extra effort with more than 30 meter per hour,

The fast running ability makes the mau cats compared with the leopards in the eyes of Egyptian mau cat club,

With running these cats can jump in the air with the same speed to incredible heights.

These abilities help in putting the mau cats at most preferred show cats in several countries around the world like UK,

The price of the Egyptian mau cats affected directly by these traits,

So the minimum offered price for the good raised Egyptian mau kittens is more than £400,

With that paid price the mau cats have other extra fees had to be in mind like insurance fees £16 every month,

Also it may cost you food fees about £15-£20 every month.

With average estimated statistics raising an Egyptian mau cat may cost you in between £4,680 to £9,600 all its lived life,

These studies made with average mau age between 13-16 years only,

and without putting in mind the advanced mau fees,

What is meant by the advanced fees, the paid expenses while buying the mau,

or preparing the mau ctas’ home and environment.

So you had to do you to make your calculations according to these special creatures’ needs.

Egyptian mau cat club adoption uk

Nothing can help you in learning your kids’ family values like adoption!!

Helping homeless mau cats through accommodating in safe homes,

Egyptian mau cat club adoption uk

That will send an important Community Message about the value of adoption,

And how it could be the perfect way to be an effective member in society doing his role perfectly,

Considering the mau cats one of rare cat breeds with historical value increase its saving attempts,

So you can find a lot of mau cats’ rescue organizations around the world especially at the United Kingdom,

As there aren’t a lot of mau cats in UK which make finding them hard job, and that encourages those who are interested on mau cats rescue,

They take the mission through the most popular UK Egyptian mau cat club, several rescue organizations, and shelters,

These various organizations help in controlling the Egyptian mau cats’ price,

That control comes from offering good mau cats in suitable prices,

As you can adopt perfect Egyptian mau cat with only $75-$150,

which is so amazing comparing with purchasing price,

The adoption price offer golden chance to all mau lovers that face budget problems,

So without thinking admit the adoption as the best way to get your mau cat,

Get your mobile and find the nearest shelter, or rescue organization and visit to get the suitable mau.

Egyptian mau cat club cattery


Have you ever seen a cattery before??
Catteries are the best hotels for mau cats!!
Without astonishing yes hotels!!

As these catteries are like temporary home for the right care,

90% of cat shelters and Egyptian mau cat club prefer mau cats’ catteries for taking care of the mau cats,

Egyptian mau cattery can be the best cats’ destination all the times,

Any time you will be able to travel without worrying about your mau cat,

Also you can send your mau cats to catteries to feel relaxed, or cleaned and even playing,

In general catteries can be classified in two types:

Boarding catteries

The boarding catteries are known as the temporary mau cats’ houses,

99% of mau cats’ owners prefer these catteries while travelling or even for their occupied time,

As they want to feel that their mau cats are safe and honest people taking care for their mau babies,

So any times you feel busy boarding catteries are ready to meet your mau cheerfully,

These Boarding catteries are subject to strong legal laws in order to keep mau cats’ life safe.

Egyptian mau cat club Breeding catteries


From their name it is a cattery for mau cats’ breeding!!

It can be the perfect place to bred mau ctas,

as it offers the most suitable environment to raise these incredible creatures,

Egyptian mau cat club, International Cat Association (TICA) and mau cats’ saving organizations put restricted regulations

on the Breeding catteries to grantee the perfect way of mau cats’ caring.

The most important point about these cats’ catteries is to have license and insurance,

Also you had to make sudden field visit to the cattery in order to watch live their way in treating mau cats.

Black Egyptian mau


By following the Egyptian mau cats’ through years,

your eyes’ will be surprised by the colors’ diversity,

Black Egyptian mau

Over these long years the mau cats preserve their distinctive mark of the coat with natural spots,

The amazing spotted coat can be the most unique coat between all mammals,

As there isn’t any human effect on its consistence, they have made 100% by gods’ hands.

These natural spots come in different colors degrees with different unparalleled patterns,

These colors graduate in light and dark with amazing spots patterns.

Genes are the main reason for colors identification,

as two genes (one from the mother and from father) determine the apparent color,

In case the two genes are similar like two silver, or dark the resulted color will be the same,

But if the two genes have different colors, only one of them will appear which is the most dominate,

Generally there are some common mau cats’ colors like bronze and smoke,

and the rarest one is the silver, you can’t find easily,

Also the black and dark mau cats can be found easily.

Regarding to colors the Egyptian mau cats have another unique point

which they are the only domestic cats that come in smoke patterns.

Smoke patterns can be the most common due to Egyptian mau cat club researches

which indicate how amazing they are!!

The smoke colors can be found in two main degrees,

the inside body color can be silver with the dark spots,

The mau will grab your eyes immediately with their black fur and ink spots

that add mysterious dark shadows to the look.
If you were dreaming with the mau cats, the Egyptian mau cat club is your right destination,
So take the action and join the club to be one of mau cats’ lifeguard,

and Egy Mau team here ready to hear your trial via comments.

Meet the Egyptian Mau Cat Breed

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