Egyptian mau cat characteristics

Top 5 Undeniable Egyptian mau cat characteristics

Egyptian mau cat characteristics can be the most honest indicator anyone depends on in order to judge the mau cat’s nature.
Discovering the mau cats’ secrets needs wide knowledge for the Egyptian mau cat characteristics,
That can help in dealing with these cats in the right way
In general knowing personality secrets helps in avoiding troubles all the time, and that includes dealing with your cats
As dealing with suitable right way matches with the Egyptian mau cat characteristics will make your life with the mau more beautiful.

Egyptian mau cat characteristics
Finding the perfect way in dealing with everything around you is the golden role for easier life.
Happy and easy life can be the dream for 99% of people, and that is not depending on humans only.
As your pets are family members also which make understanding them like Egyptian mau cat characteristics urgent topic.
By knowing what makes your mau cats comfort, and the cases of their mode you can handle your day efficiently.
The mau cats can be the best pets company you can get in your life,

They are not just ordinary cats, they are holy cats!! Yes we mean holly!!

As they were the cats’ gods one day! That day maybe was from millions of years,

At these far years the Egyptian mau cat characteristics helps those cats on taking vital position in society.
As the mau cats were the most important living animals in old Egypt.
And that importance comes because of the great personality, which makes studying its characteristics important mission.

Egyptian mau cat characteristics personality

The mau cats are known between cats society as one of strong personality cats.

As these mau cats have high mind ability which can be translated in their reactions in daily life.

Egyptian mau cat characteristics personality

Living with mau cats makes you understand how attention lovers they are!
They prefer to be on the center of your life all the time, and being the most important pet.

Also the mau cats are 100% loyal cats, they tend to create strong ponds with family members.

But you need to know that with this amount of loyalty the mau cats are shy cats also!!

By meaning shy cats that is a reaction toward strangers normally,

and they take little time for adapting.
The moment the mau cats feel warm, they start interacting, and become emotional.

Also the mau cats are intelligent cats which make them the best choice for training.

They can be the best partners for any challenging, you can enjoy for hours doing puzzles with them.

That mind Egyptian mau cat characteristics can add more amazing suspense to your day.

Moreover the mau cats are dynamic and active cats, they love playing all the time.

Thanks to the mau cats’ athletic body that gives these graceful cats the ability to run and move free.
Also it gives the power to jump on the air as if the mau cats can fly to the highest point any other cat can reach.
These cats love climbing to the extent that you can find them on your shoulders.

Climbing, running, jumping and playing all these are amazing reactions can impress you with the mau cats.

Egyptian mau cat characteristics size

Like most cat breeds the mau cats have medium body size with appropriate long tail,

Not only the size is medium, but also their height can be in the medium range,

Egyptian mau cat characteristics size

As the average high for the whole body from the top point can be about 7 to 11 inches.

And the average body size for good health adults’ mau cats can be in between 7 to 9 pounds.
With this medium weight

you may feel it is just simple cats and even can’t recognized from other breeds,

But on the contrary these cats have a wonderful remarkable sign can make anyone pick it up from 100 cats!
The most noteworthy sign of these cats is the unique coat with spots, which catn’t be found on any living cat.

The exclusivity idea of this coat is that it is by nature born spotty coat, and the spotty inside skin.
The spotty coat which can be the most unrivaled egyptian mau cat characteristics

as we mentioned can come in several colors,

Bronze, blue, silver, and even smoke is the available colors for the mau cats,

These colors come in an incredible mix between dark and light degrees can steal your eyes.

The head of the mua cats had a scarab mark with M shape, and the main head take little oblong design,
The eyes have incredible light green color with large size and alamode shape,
The ears are large with curve goes with the main face round boarders.

Egyptian mau cat price

These charming Egyptian mau cat characteristics that includes the eyes’ colors, and sppoty coat can affect the price positively,

As the price of these cats differ according to several factors like these,

beside the good health, and the percent of pedigreed.

Egyptian mau cat price

With all these factors our golden advice for you if you had found good health mau cat buy it immediately without thinking!!

Yes it can be difficult for anyone to find suitable and pure mau cats, as there are a lot of cheater breeders,
The hard step is to find the honest and trusted breeder who were able to care his cats on the right way,
Those cautions in choosing the mau ctas’ breeders will save your time in searching for good mau, and even save your money,

The price of the mau cats vary from one to another according to several factors as we mentioned earlier,

The average known price for these precious cats can be in between $900 to $2500,

With taking in your mind all other factors while determining the price, the color of the coat can be the most influential factor,

This makes the mu cats with bronze and silver coat the most expensive ones,

As the average price for mau cats with those attractive colors can be in between $1,200 and $1400.
These available numbers of average prices for the mau cats may give high price impression to most people,
But with small look to these cats’ history and Egyptian mau cat characteristics;

anyone can recognize that these prices are so normal,

As it is unfair to depend on the mau cats’ price as the only element for making your decision about the mau cats.

Egyptian mau kittens for sale

Being one of rare cat breeds puts the mau cats on the box of hard to find animals,

It may take months from you to find mau kittens raised in suitable environment with good health,

The normal expected price for the perfect mau kittens can be about $800-$1,200.

Egyptian mau kittens for sale

From their first moment of born the mau kittens, the probable price can predicted because of the coat color,

Taking about the color before other Egyptian mau cat characteristics because of its high effect on the price,

As a lot of people search for definite colors and patterns like silver and bronze which the most wanted,
Such as color concerns because everyone wants to get new and different cat at all.
Also while searching about mau kittens you had to put adoption in your mind,

Because adoption can be the perfect choice for low budget people beside its side advantages,

As you need just about $75-$150 for adopting mau kittens in the most perfect circumstances,

Which can be afford suitable price for the majority of people all the time,

So take the step and be one of those who are ready to save the endangered mau cats,

And be one of most responsible people in the society by helping rescue organizations,

There are many shelters and organizations waiting for anyone’s help all the time,

So be positive and initiative person and save these legendary cats.

Egyptian mau cat characteristics health problems

In general most cat breeds have several health problems according to several living factors,

And the mau cats like all these breeds may have some health issues need to study,

Most of these health issues belong to genetic problems, and can infect any cat,

These health problems include pyruvate kinase deficiency, Leukodystrophy, neurological conditions and urolithiasis.
Those potential health problems can’t be related to any age, or other factors except genes,

So the first thing you need to think about every moment while buying the mau cats is to look at the genetic history!!
Yes the genes’ history!! As it is as important as the Egyptian mau cat characteristics,

Which give these genes the importance, the connection with difficult health problems!!

Knowing the history of your kittens will help you in avoiding sudden disease, and avoid infections,

As all of us wants to live with good health pets without sudden problems, that may affect our life,

Living with healthy mau cats guarantee you quit day life full with joy and playing time.

So ask any breeder you meet about the health guarantee for any kittens, and follow that guarantee,
That health guarantee is the most important document about any mau cats, and it can affect the price also.

With this document you can follow the needed vaccines and be ready for any coming health problems,
So make it one of your priorities, also don’t forget to find clever veterinarian to go ahead with any time.
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