Egyptian mau cat breed

No1 The Irresistible Egyptian mau cat breed

Egyptian mau cat breed: The whole universe with its infinite limits full with special creatures.

and between all these creatures you can find several species with unique differences.

and the Egyptian mau cat breed is one of these unique creatures.
It is known that there is uncountable number of cat breeds around the world.

and between all these breeds comes the Egyptian mau cat breed as the most different because of several reasons we will talk about it in detailed points.

Believe it or not Egyptian mau cat breed is the most unique cat breed.

and it can’t be compared with any other breed in all section.

to understand that with wide image give a look our mau cats’ complete study.
This study will help you understand the reason for which the Egyptian mau cat breed considered the specialist cat breed.

and you need to be ready to raise your hat for the mau cats.

Ancient Egyptian mau cat breed:

As we all know history doesn’t lie ever.

and that makes history the most important sign for the greatness of the mau cats.

through the infinite number years, and exactly before 3000 years BC.

the mau cats build their glory, and that glory still growing with this magical back ground.
That back ground comes from the special stature which was given to the mau cats by the ancient Egyptians!!

Yes the pharaohs!! As the first appearance of the mau cats were in Egypt according to all researches.

Ancient Egyptian mau cat breed:
Not only the first appearance of the mau cats in Egypt, but the mau cats were one of the pharaohs’ iconic gods!! Yes worshiped gods!!
Worshiping the mau cats by the ancient Egyptians happens due to several reasons, as the mau cats helped them in getting rid of rodents and insects which makes them their community partners.
The Egyptian mau cat breed was known as a sign of prosperity and fertility, and that makes the old Egyptians build temples, and wide celebrations and festivals, also the paintings and papyrus texts confirmed that.
All the results of historical researches and studies confirm that these mummified cats are the ancestors of the modern mau cats with DNA tests’ results.

Egyptian mau cat breed colors:

Leave the history aside, and give close look to the mau cats and from your first look you will find out the reason behind the mau cats’ attraction, yaa you got it, the spots!!

Egyptian mau cat breed colors

The Egyptian mau cat breed is the one and only cats born with spots, as here the spots are not just on the coat but the inside body skin has spots without any humans interfering.
The whole body of the mau cats had enveloped with smooth and shiny coat in different unique spots shapes can’t be repeated in two cats.
Beside the beautiful spots that coat has another important advantage which is the flap of loose skin, which extends from the neck to the legs passing the back.
This coat’s advantage has effective role in the mau cats’ movement, which helps in giving this special Egyptian mau cat breed its fast ability.
The elegant distribution of the mau cats’ coat shows the graceful and elegance of the mau cats’ body specially while walking.
This magnificent coat appears with short hair length, and several wonderful colors like bronze, blue, silver, and black.

Egyptian mau cat breed colors
Each color mix pattern can make you feel confused because of its unique attraction.

which gives the impression that it is the most beautiful until you see another color then feel confused again.

and so on as if you were in closed cycle of impressive colors.
While talking about colors’ attraction, we had definitely to talk about the eyes of the Egyptian mau cat breed.

these eyes with its light green color.

and the shape of the almond can steal the sight all the time as the most beautiful eyes between all cat breeds.
The scarab mark of the mau cats’ face also another special trait for this special cat breed.

as this trait was from the reasons that make these cats worshiped in ancient Egypt.

Egyptian mau cat breed size:

The whole body of the mau cats can be in the range of moderate cats.

as the average body size for adult males can be about 8 -12 pound, and the adult females can be about 7 -12 pound.

and their length considered short.
Another noticeable trait of the Egyptian mau cat breed is the difference between the front and back legs length.

which shows the back are longer than front legs.

and this helps in giving the mau cats amazing running ability.
As a breed the Egyptian mau cat breed famous for their extra fast running ability.

as it can run with speed more than 30 miles for hour.

beside that it can jump in the air with extra leap can shock you.
Also the mau cats can be one of the athletic animals.

as their body full of muscles; they will add action to your day with their continuous moves.

Egyptian mau cat breed sizeis The mau cats are smart or not?

The mau cats are smart and intelligent cats can cohabit with you easily, this high intelligence ability puts the mau cats on the top list of favorite cats, as all humans prefer active animals that can deal with, and enjoy living with.
Also these cats are play preferring, and energetic cats can spend the day doing all activities, and on the opposite side they can feel sadness, and upset from anything, which show the large sense of emotions.
The strangest thing of the mau cats is the water!! Yes these cats didn’t feel fear with water, as they can swim, and can have fun with you at the pool, or even at the bathroom.
In general the Egyptian mau cat breed considered good health cats, and the percent of serious genetic health problems can be low compared with other cat breeds.
The lifespan of the mau cats can be long life age in general as these cats can live in between 9 – 13 years in average.

The Egyptian mau cat breed may be strange cat breed for some people and that can be.

because of it is not common cat breed due to different reasons like lack of knowledge about the mau cats’ and Egy Mau team will help you on this part.

and other different reasons like the sale price differences that may cause clamor sometimes, and that will be discussed soon…


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