Egyptian mau cat for sale

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Egyptian mau cat for sale

One of most unfair life rules is judgmental decisions, which can be taken without objectivity for example the discussions about the Egyptian mau cat for sale.
As all the opinions about the Egyptian mau cat for sale can be misleading most of time due to extra expectations.
Despite considering the mau cats’ price little high, it can be normal price comparing with other cat breeds price even without taking the mau cats characteristics in consideration.

To understand all the rotating speech that was about Egyptian mau cat for sale, you need to study the mau cats closely.
That close study can’t be clear without traveling to the past when the mau cats first appeared 3000 years BC, they were the most important animals without any comparing.
The ancient Egyptians temples’ walls are the witness for the mau cats’ value at this era; these walls’ paintings proved to the whole world that the mau cats have 100% Egyptian origins.
Not only the great history paint the image of the mau cats all these years, but also the mau cats nice personality, and beautiful shape give the most attractive colors in the mau cats’ image, and increase its publicity, so wide range of people wish owning one of that remarkable cats.
Also there are a lot of reasons affect the Egyptian mau cat for sale price, on the top of it is the physical characteristics, which had played an important role in the attraction of this wonderful cat breed.

That charming look starts from the light green eyes with its distinctive shape of almond, which add cute worry look to the mau, especially if this look was from a kitten, it will get all your sympathy with only one look, which has the ability to make you pay any suggested Egyptian mau cat for sale price.
Beside the eyes, you can notice two lines on the cheeks look like natural mascara was made by the gods’ hands.
The mau cats’ body is as big as a rabbit as both of them are animals at the medium size, as the mau cats weight can be in between 4-6 Kg for males and in between 3-4 kg for females in average.
Flexible muscles formed the body build of the mau cats, and these muscles help in giving the mau cats’ body the slim and fit look beside the graceful walking ability.
Also there are a lot of reasons affect the mau cats’ sale price, on the top of it is the physical characteristics, which had played an important role in the attraction of this wonderful cat breed, on the top of these characteristics is the shiny coat with spots.

The spots coat surrounds the body of the mau cats with beautiful prints shapes in circles, or oblongs in different fusion distributions in every single cat.
That coat with spots can be found in three main colors with different shape and size mix like smoke, bronze, and silver.
Also the color variation and wide print distribution contributes with high percentage in defining the price of the Egyptian mau cat for sale.
The way with which the spotty fur coat is surrounding the mau cats’ body so flexible to the extent that gives the mau cats complete elasticity in its free movement.
The free movement one of the elements that makes the mau cats one of the fastest runners between all demotic cats breeds, and we didn’t have to mention that this affect the offered price of the Egyptian mau cat for sale.
Besides running the mau cats can swim and climb fast, and jump on the air with speed can surprise you.
It will not take much time for you after surprising to decide getting new mau cat, and if you were living at the United Kingdom, it is your luck day, as we are going to display everything about the mau cats‘ position there, and whether there are any available Egyptian mau cats for sale.
December 1998 was the first arrival of the mau cats to UK, and that arrival was the first step of the breed growing at the UK.

With amazing National Cat Club Show the mau cats were welcomed, not only show celebration, but also the Egyptian Mau Club was established to look out for the au cats at the United Kingdom.
This club interests in helping the mau cats’ lovers, and breeders by giving advice, and supporting.
The main role of the Egyptian Mau Club is to save and develop the existence of the mau cats at the UK.
But with all this interest from the UK the mau cats still considered rare cat breed their even with high demand of the Egyptian mau cat for sale.
As there are less than 200 kittens living there and have been already registered by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.

That rarity affected the Egyptian mau cat for sale price positively, and that effect can put some people in critical situation,
As the average available price for adults mau cats can be in between $800-$1,800, that price didn’t include at all any living expenses for caring of the mau cats.
Also the average price for the mau kittens can be about £300 which can be perfect deal, not for the price only, but also as the kittens is the better choice if it was your first mau.

Another important point beside the Egyptian mau cat for sale is choosing the breeder, as not all breeders can be suitable mau breeders, as you need trusted one with good reputation.
Good reputation breeders will make your search for Egypt mau cat an easy mission and it will be better for you to ask help from the Egyptian Mau Club for trusted advice.
Also you can depend on the internet for finding breeders, but also ask for advice, and give a look to the entire offered Egyptian mau cat for sale prices in order to get the most suitable for you.
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