Egyptian mau cat breeders

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Egyptian mau cat breeders

The most repeatable thoughts that comes to your mind as one of Egyptian mau cats fan after deciding to get your dreams cat is from where you could get the perfect mau!?, And if there were good Egyptian mau cat breeders.
A lot of people may think that finding good Egyptian mau cat breeders is an easy mission, and didn’t have to be mention as important topic at all, as on their opinion you can get a mau cat from anyone you meet accidentally, and that is 100% false.

Finding the suitable Egyptian mau cat breeders is as important as finding your favorite cat, as it can be the way to meet your new cat which will be a new amazing family member.
Sometimes taking just the decision of bringing mau cat to home may take months from you, in order to discover the mau cats‘ life, and if it was the suitable cat breed for you, as with that large number of cat breeds you may feel confused, and can’t choose the cat, but if you were looking for an advice, we are going to give you the golden advice.
The Egypt mau cat can be on the top list of most social cats, which can be wonderful pet and that because of its social personality, as it intelligent, smart, playful, and loyal.
The mau cats will add color to your life with its sweet acts, it will be your kids’ best friend, and play with other pets without any troubles.

Egyptian mau cat breeders

The mau cat size

The mau cats have medium size body, as it can weigh between 6 to 14 pounds in average, and its high can be between 7 to 11 inches in average, its body covered with attractive spotted coat in different colors can surprise your eyes.
Because of these impressive characteristics, the mau cats can be expensive cat breed for some people, and that makes getting one is not an easy job need thinking, and beside that you had to find excellent breeder, as finding trusted Egyptian mau cat breeders an essential topic as if you are going to get a new car.
The need for a good and trusted breeder is important because anyone wants to get good health mau cat raised in suitable circumstances without any problems so in order to get your healthy strong mau cat and finding the right breeder keep following.

Egyptian mau cat breeders
Through upcoming points we are going to display you the best way for finding out the most suitable egyptian mau cat breeders to deal with.
The first action any cat fan need to do with breeder is to visit the home of the breeder, and that is not for snooping, but this step is important in order to see the cats’ atmosphere at the breeders home, and the way those breeders deal with kittens, also it is important to take a look about these kittens way of living, and if these kittens feel comfort, and happy.
That is because the deceptive¬†Egyptian mau cat breeders will try to evade from this visit with all possible ways, and even tell you that they didn’t bring cats home which can be a sign about their mau cats, as this operation become big industry, and a lot of people misuse that.

Egyptian mau cat breeders
Honest Egyptian mau cat breeders will trust themselves, and will do their best to show interested buyers how integrity they are, to help them take positive decision, and deal with them.
Likewise the passion of the breeder can be important factor for judging the breeders’ quality, as the more passionate the breeder was, the more successful he will be, and you can figure that out easily via little speech.
One simple chit chat conversation can help you in making the whole image you need about any potential breeder, just tell him you are lately interested in cats, and didn’t know anything about dealing with cats, and watch his way of taking, as his passion will appear obviously on his speech, and that will reflect on his way in dealing with cats.
The health of the mau cats can be the most important sign about the breeders’ stability, as good health means right way of living, healthy food, and even getting good treatment.
Also you had to give a deep look to the mau cats’ eyes, ears, head, legs, and whole body to figure out any abnormal troubles and you can do this with several cats to be able to notice the difference.

Egyptian mau cat breeders
Another point you had to put it as a rule while dealing with any breeder which is stop dealing with obtrusive breeders, who keep repeating that you had to take their cats, and even they may threaten you if you lose their kittens, you will not find it, or like it again, as if they were qualified enough, they could have the trust in their selves as breeders, and care about their cats.
Also you had to do your best while choosing reputable Egyptian mau cat breeders, and make wide search by seeing as much as you can of breeders, don’t hastate from seeing 3 or 4 different breeders, as this will give the chance to see more mau cats, and compare between all available cats, and also that will give you the chance to be able to choose the best available egyptian mau cat breeders, as you had seen many alternatives, so watch them and take your time to think and take the perfect decision.
While taking your decision you may feel confused, and can’t decide because of experience lack, here at this moment you had to trust yourself, and emotions as with all you had seen through research they will lead you to the right choice.
After all of this you may feel that finding suitable Egyptian mau cat breeders with good reputation impossible mission, and doesn’t need all these efforts, but no it is not, as this mission can be the most important mission for you as one of mau cats’ fans.
And we as Egy Mau team will make this mission easier for everyone by lighten their way with the accurate information all the time so keep following and good luck.

Egyptian Mau kittens

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