How much Egyptian mau cost

1st Breakthrough : How much Egyptian mau cost?

How much Egyptian mau cost!?Getting suitable answer for the tricky question of how much Egyptian mau cost!? Can make you feel relief for years,

As by knowing he right cost, you can start adjusting your budget in order to get one of these impressive cats.

There is no obvious reason for the appeared clamor each time the question of how much Egyptian mau cost!?

Being asked, as if you think with clear mind you can recognize easily that the cost of the mau cats is normal,

And it can be considered from medium prices range of cat breeds.

You may not agree with our vision about the normality of the mau cats’ price,

As it is still on the list of top 10 most expensive cat breeds, and it may be true from your point of view,
but if you compared that price with the mau’s characteristics, you will get the idea.

To be more objective, we had to point to that question of how much Egyptian mau cost!?

From another different perspective, that can give all those interested people any needed answers for every single detail of the maus.

How much Egyptian mau cost

Today we are going to give all analysis ideas you need to know about the mau cats,

In order to figure out the reason of the Answers for the question how much Egyptian mau cost?!.

So as to get the whole image of the mau cats’ secrets that constitutes the cost range of the mau cats,

It is better to display the mau cats’ impressive characteristics.

How much Egyptian mau cost according to temperament

The mau cats have magnificent outside look, with magical coat with unparalleled spots,

these spots can’t be found on any other breeds,

Also these spots can’t be similar on two cats as each single mau cat has its own spots pattern

as if it was the mau cat’s own fingerprint,

This can be idle point on answering the query how much Egyptian mau cost!?

How much Egyptian mau cost according to temperament
The mau cats’ coat is so smooth because of the hair layer that is short and silky;

Also that coat is elastic, and covers the whole body in convenient way on the legs,

And tail which helps on the mau cats’ movement.

The mau cats’ coat can be found in various colors can impress the eyes,

as you can feel it is magical color mix tableau,

These colors include blue, bronze, smoke, and silver.

How much Egyptian mau cost according to temperamentHowever the body of the mau cats seems to be medium,
It is strong to high extent because of high percentage of muscles,

That is distributed with great concentration on the whole body from the neck, legs, shoulders and the back,

These muscles help in increasing the body balance which gives the mau cats’ great ability on movement.

Also it is very obvious that even though the body size is medium the legs are long,

And the back legs is longer than first which give the mau cats speed abilities,

Also the tail’s size of the mau cats can be considered medium according to the body size.

Further the mau cats’ eyes can be the light point on the reasons for the answers of how much Egyptian mau cost!?

As those mau cats’ eyes are attractive with its unbelievable green color, and the large shape that looks like almond.

With that medium size body those mau cats can take all your attention in seconds without your recognition,

You can spend hours playing with these enjoyable cats


Egyptian mau personality


That attraction is not because of the magical look, but also for the incredible personality

as these cats are so friendly, and attention lover,

As they want your interest all the time, and want to be in the center of your priorities.

On the footsteps of its ancestors that was on the center of world speech for years,

The modern mau cats can get all the family interests, and become the most important pet you ever get,

Whatever the price you pay according to the question how much Egyptian mau cost!?

Mau cats are loyal cats, but only to the family members,

as they are shy with strangers, and need time to feel comfort with other people.

Besides their active state and intelligence the mau cats are brave animals,

And cannot be the week part on your pets’ collection, they didn’t hide from dogs or escape,

They can make friends, play, and jump with other pets, but also they still look for the main interest

>>> So you need to notice that point.

Also the mau cats had significant voice can make you surprise each time you heard,

As they have the ability to control that voice according to their mode.

Egyptian mau personality
After knowing these important details about the mau cats’ characteristics,

You can think with clear mind about your final thoughts of the mau cats,

In order to decide if the answer of the question of how much Egyptian mau cost!?,

That can be good suggestion for you to take the decision of bringing new mau cat to your home.

From our point of view here getting a mau cat is a fantastic decision for anyone,

As these cats are amazing companions for all people,

with their cuteness, intelligence, and even magical history.

How much Egyptian mau cost and price uk


To make the image clearer, and enlighten your thoughts more,

You had to know that the average cost of the mature mau cats with good health can be in average between $800- $1,200.

How much Egyptian mau cost and price uk

Also you as a buyer had to put in your mind that the mentioned cost on the query of how much Egyptian mau cost!?

depends mainly on the color of coat patterns,

As an important element, so while choosing your mau cat color think of that.

Another side needs your high attention while getting mau cats is the assurance of the mau cat’s purity,

And that can be found from registration records, and that need wide search for the suitable breeder,

So do your best to find trusted breeder to deal with.

Adding a new member to your family is an important event needs deep researches especially if that member was the mau cats

As it will be the precious family member for sure regardless the question how much Egyptian mau cost!?,
that because of its incredible personality, and we as Egy Mau team will aid you in these researches with positive ideas.

Talkative Egyptian Mau Cat Meow

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