Egyptian Mau Or Tabby

1st Authoritative Clue Egyptian mau or Tabby!

Egyptian mau or tabby??, Normal puzzled question can come to your mind in a sudden moment,

which can confuse you and let you stand feeling stupid as you are not able to identify whether this cat is an Egyptian mau or tabby!!

The mind confusion of both breeds happens due to the exterior body shape, but if you were examining with inspector eyes, you can get the difference.
As the shape of stripes and spots can puzzle anyone’s sight whatever the promptitude quality was,

in this case there is quick need to know the main differences between the both breeds the Egyptian mau or tabby.

How to identify Egyptian mau or tabby:

As usual while our comparison today for these elegant cat breeds, the start point will be with the mau cats which as we said earlier all the time have amazing characteristics, the fit body with muscles at the size medium.

Egyptian mau or Tabby

The head is quiet large with round boarders and the ears are large with the same round outside lines.
On our comparison between the two Egyptian mau or tabby, the Coming points go to the tabby as an important cat, this also had medium size body, its body slim, and fit.

The head of the tabby as also unique layout by the M shape of the front area, and their ears is large also with little tufts.

However both of these cats’ bodies’ are covered with fur coat, the coat in each breed is completely different 100%.

How to identify Egyptian mau or tabby:
For example the mau cats’ coat can be Singular with its spots that can’t be repeated in any other cat;

also these singular spots can the most particular sign for the mau cats.

The spotty coat of the mau cats consist from shining fur of short hair,

that coat of fur colored with different colors like blue, bronze, silver and smoke,

these colors mixed with light colors on the background with darker color as spots.

This color mix gives the spotty coat of the mau cats’ attractiveness, and makes it one of the most special cat breeds.

the mau cats' attractiveness
On the other hand of the Egyptian mau or tabby, the tabby and its coat which consider one of most beautiful cat coats,

the coat of the tabby has different colors and different classifications

The coat of the tabby can be found in different shapes like stripes, and different colors,

That coat can be classified in four different patterns and every pattern has specific name like:

The mackerel tabby

This type of tabby can be the most available pattern of the tabby cats, it is found with background color grey or orange

and there are long straight strips that look like the bones of the fish with darker colors.

The strips of that kind of coat can be mixed in different directions, and opposite lines,

and these strips extend to the M shape of face and the whole body, legs and the tail.

The mackerel tabby
The ticked tabby pattern

That kind of tabby the ticked coat didn’t have any strips,

or even spots on the body to the extent that makes you doubt if these cats were tabby or not while making comparison between Egyptian mau or tabby
However you can find the coat marks on the face with little concentration,

also little hair of agouti on the body.

The classic coat tabby

It is known also as the tabby with blotches, that coat shape is similar to the marble cake

That classic coat can be recognized with the three big stripes that move from the shoulders to the tail, also these lines come in dark color.

The Spotted tabby coat

This type of tabby has spots all over the body, the spots can be small or big, and also these spots can take oval shape or rounded.

The background of the coat can be lighter, and the spots come darker.

The mix of color can be light brown background with black spots, or light grey back ground with grey and black spots,

or cream background with light orange spots, or light orange background with red spots.

Egyptian mau or tabby eye color

The mau cats own one of the most attractive eyes with the clear green eyes with the shape of almond that give curious look can capture anyone.

The tabby has distinctive eyes’ shape with several shining eye color,

that wide variety of colors increase the tabby popularity,

as these beautiful eyes can attract you to the extent that make you want to stay staring at these eyes all the time.
The charming tabby eyes’ colors can be in the colors hazel, blue, copper, green, yellow, orange, amber and many other colors’ degrees.

Also you had to know that the eyes’ color variation can vary according to genes.

The tabby eyes’ can be the most beautiful cat eyes not because of its colors only but also it has natural eyeliner!!

Yes perfectly made black lines, each woman wish to have alike all the time.

egyptian mau personality

An important factor can’t be ignored while talking about tow of most special cats is the personality of these cats

as it is very important factor in dealing with both of the Egyptian mau or tabby.

The mau cats are clever and intelligent cats all the time,

as the mau cats are perfect learners so you can train them easily, which make dealing with mau cats so interesting.

Also the mau cats are good swimmers and didn’t fear from water, and they are the most playing lover cats.

The tabby cats also are intelligent cats and they are loyal, love playing and good friends.

But the most impressive observation about the tabby you need to know while talking about Egyptian mau or tabby is that the tabby personality depends on the coat’s color!!

Without surprising it is true the color of the tabby coat can affect its temper,

also note that the pattern hasn’t any effect, for example the orange tabby can be dominating and grumpy.
According to that observation you had to understand that the tabby cats had different personality levels,

as much as the colors differences levels which is so cool.

egyptian mau personality
Looking to the both Egyptian mau or tabby living age , you can find little differences

As the average living age of the tabby cats can be in between 12 – 18 years, but sometimes it may be longer than average according to the place of living.
Coming to the mau cats, the average age of living can be between 18 – 20 years.

Egyptian mau or tabby are two cat breeds were discussed in detailed few points in order to help you find your soul mate cat, which can be active colorful member of your family.
If there were any unclear points or questions leave comment and Egy Mau team will contact you as soon as possible.

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